Yes I think I will print that..

Opened up an email today from someone in the school district about district money or something (the topic is in no way relevant to my point), but at the bottom of the email I found something that I couldn't decide the emotion I felt towards it...it said:

Before printing, please consider the environment.

I began to wonder...is this talking about the email? Because the email was most definitely not important enough to print, or was this part of the lady's signature at the bottom where she also included phone and fax information (you know, important in a email signature). Either way...I did as she asked, I looked outside, considered how lovely of a day it was, and hit "print" (completely out of spite). If something is important enough to be printed, even HAS to be printed, what about the environment is to consider? This is on my computer. I need it to be on paper and not on my computer. Print. End of story. Environmental kooks...

Thing 2: Lace socks. Bought some. Love them. They're not as functional as they are cute, but they're cute...so when is that license to also need to be functional? They're the low cut ones to wear with like ballet flats. Sort of makes me feel like I'm wearing foot lingerie. And they come in different colors (got them at Journey's).

Speaking of footwear, I found some SUPER cute white and tan Sperry's for $39 bucks!! That's HALF off people. Needless to say, the Sperry Queen (aka my sister Michaela) was very pleased.

I'm exhausted. I took some Nyquil last night because sleep was not having it, but I think I'm having a Nyquil hangover...blegh.

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