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We've since moved into a new home! So while I'm just starting on some projects in our new place--here's the old one!

We bought our town home (our first house!) in 2012- it was an ode to oak. Seriously- everything was oak- the floors, cabinets, railings- and to make it even better the walls were beige and brown carpet was covering everything. We've (okay...I've...) so enjoyed bringing our place into this decade! It's been a fun learning process! Find more about the before/after process for each space by checking out the home projects tab.
Main floor:

Girls' shared bedroom: 

Laundry Closet:

Master bathroom: 

Master Bedroom:

My Office:


Aaaaand my husband's office will never be photographed, because I've been banned from rearranging even a stack of papers (of which there are many...) but it's fine- it's in the basement so I just shut the door and pretend it doesn't exist and go on happily with life. :-)

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