olivia's room

Olivia's room started with a fresh coat of paint- one of my favorite colors of all time- Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams (also the color in our half bath and laundry room). It's such a perfect light blue/green.
When we moved in, we played musical beds- so Jillian got a new twin, Olivia got the toddler bed, and the crib went to Charlotte's room. What I love about this bed (from Ikea), is that it slides out to be adjustable! It is currently at its middle length, but expands to be a the length of a twin by extending the frame and adding two mattress inserts. Nifty, right?!
I wanted to keep a lot of the decor I used in the girls' shared room in our townhouse, so her room is pretty much a recycled version of their shared room in our townhouse (linked in the last post about this room here)!
The two brass himmeli hangers are from Etsy. They came with two living air plants, which I tossed out a few days ago because they dried up and died. Apparently air plants need to be watered? That's just way too much commitment for me at this phase of my life. I may end up sticking some faux succulents in there and calling it good. Or maybe I like them empty...I dunno. But air plants- BOO. I wanted them to thrive on just air and air alone. Like a runway model.

^Messy hair and no pants...usually the norm for her.
Color meets whimsy- just right for this vivacious little three year-old! (Who is both cracking me up and driving me to my last nerve these days...simultaneously. She's very talented.)


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