THE chocolate

There's this adorable little dessert cafe on State Street in Orem that I've been dying to try called The Chocolate. It's set up sort of like a house where you just go in, get your amazingly delicious dessert and sit in one of the little parlor-style rooms. Loved it! We got a white chocolate macadamia nut and chocolate chip snookie! (Ice cream on top of a half baked cookie). I think I need to one day open a dessert boutique...Life's too short NOT to eat dessert!


Wednesday Want It! (ALL of it!)

I'm craving something cute...and thanks to my sister-in-law Kimber for introducing me to a little place called Etsy. Apparently it's this website where people can make stuff then buy and sell it. Might I recommend the jewelry and purses section?

Also the children section- if you have any of those...super cute! My child will most definitely wear little baby booties! AH! Precious!

You sort of have to dig around to find the good stuff. I mean there is like a bagillion pages for each category...sooo...happy online shopping :-)


I HATE when people do this...

Why...why do I need to know how many people are in your family while I'm driving? The 15 passenger van sort of blew your cover...Maybe this is just a Utah thing because I've never seen it anywhere else, but it's super popular. Anything ranging from stick people, to skull and crossbones, to Mickey Mouse heads..MAKE IT STOP!!! I mean really, even pets? I don't think Utah drivers need ANOTHER distraction on the road.

Oh and since we're on the subject of driving, DON'T GIVE ME A DIRTY LOOK WHEN YOU REV PAST ME THEN CUT ME OFF TO GET IN FRONT OF ME BECAUSE I WOULDN'T LET YOU OVER WHEN YOU NEVER EVEN HAD YOUR BLINKER ON. You're driving a car worth thousands of dollars, USE THE TEN DOLLAR PIECE OF BLINKING PLASTIC and I'd be more than happy to slow down and let you in front of me. *sigh


A hodgepodge...

I'm so ready to be done redecorating practically everything...my classroom...kitchen...living room...BLAH! I took on WAY too many projects this summer I think. But, for the most part it keeps me busy. That and I started reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Crazy good. Some people have read it and think it's crazy demented, but I think it's crazy good. It's sort of a demented concept, but she's a really, really good writer. It's basically about a country formed after North America all falls apart (no that could never happen with how great things are, right? ;-) and this country has a yearly televised event called the hunger games, where one boy and one girl from each district in the country is put in this giant arena and it's like a fight to the death and there's one person left type scenario. Yeah I guess that sounds demented...but anyway...if you're looking for a page turner, pick it up.

On another note, I hate painting. Painting a room is WAY more complicated than it sounds. Especially if the walls are in horrible condition (i.e., my new classroom). So first I had to spackle in all the holes (some of which were HUGE). I probably spackled almost 300 holes. Shoot me. Then you have to sand down the spackle. Next you have to tape off EVERYTHING...around the ceiling, baseboards, windows, cabinets, etc. THEN paint like a two inch border around the ceiling and baseboards because the roller can't get that close to the top and bottom of the wall, and FINALLY start painting (two coats by the way). My shoulders hate me right now and I'm pretty sure I've developed carpel tunnel in both my wrists.

I don't have anything else to complain about....except all the "Back to School" stuff is already out...why??? I guess it's coming faster than I thought. But on the bright side, I have one last summer trip planned :-) I'm meeting up with my family (who's driving up from FL) to Nauvoo, IL to hang out there for a few days, then driving back with them to FL and staying for 4 more days, then coming back home. So hopefully after this trip I'll feel like I've had enough of summer and want to be a productive, working member of society again.

Speaking of Nauvoo, my sister took some pictures there last year and edited them. She's pretty talented.......


A little...paranoid...

Sooo last night James and I watched 2012. Talk about freaky! I got to thinking though, and I realized I have a few irrational fears...things that probably won't ever happen to me, but seriously make me paranoid anyway..

  1. Someone will break into my house while I'm sleeping.
  2. Tornadoes.
  3. Earthquakes
  4. That my house will flood from either the dishwasher or washer machine
  5. A spider hiding in the toilet will bite me whilst I'm upon it
...I'm only slightly insane...


Wednesday's Want It!

I want these!!!
Never to late in the season for a cute suit!! Check 'em out at Lime Ricki.com

By the way I haven't been able to lay out NEARLY enough this summer...


Oops I did it again

I went to Yoga! (Again). ((Especially after my little three week vacation from the gym and anything remotely nutritious, I'm back to two a days at the gym for a while (I don't mind though, I'm completely weird and love working out!)). I know, I know, I was pretty skeptical after my first session...but now, even MORE so! haha. First, I completely admire the people who do yoga, because again let me say how frickin' HARD some of that stuff is. So for fitness, I think it's completely great and worthwhile, but for "inner peace" or whatever the other reasons are, I don't buy it.

Maybe it's one of those things that goes hand in hand, but let me just share some phrases said by the instructor today. At one point, I literally let out a little giggle (I think I offended the Ora in the room).
  • "Appreciate your inner goodness and remember that everyone is intrinsically good"
  • "Feel the energy from the others and from the room flowing into your body, releasing any weakness or negativity from your thoughts"
  • "The love in my body honors the love in your body" .......what is THAT supposed to mean?
  • " Choose a word to affirm your positive thoughts. Other thoughts will come, but sweep them aside and focus on your word and how it makes you feel" My word was skinny. Haha. I think I was off track when she continued to say..."It may be something like peace, love, hope, faith"....oh....that's what she meant....in that case, I HOPE to be skinny!
Good times in yoga class. It's humorous anyway. I probably wont' be able to move tomorrow, which is why I still feel justified making fun of it today.

OH. Also, the instructor walks around and asks if you need any help in any poses. Well, I only needed help getting OUT of some of them, but I'm not sure if that's what she was offering...

Ooo..I also watched The Bachelorette (Hi my name is Whitney and I'm addicted to trashy reality TV shows) and the whole Jake/Vienna scandal. ALL I have to say about that, is he should've picked Tenley in the first place so NAH.


Oh, Hi July.

Where the crap did June go???? So school got out...we went on vacation to FL...Mich came back with us...then...BAM. July. This means something I'm not ready to accept yet...that school starts again in another 6 weeks. Serious!? When I was a kid summer's felt like they lasted FOREVER (in a good way), but now I feel like I've been on summer break for two weeks and only have another 2 weeks to go. I feel a spell of depression coming on....

Anyway, Michaela came out for two weeks to visit. It was awesome. I love this girl and miss seeing her on a daily basis (and the little brother, Spencer). I can't think about it too much or I get way too sad..anyway..we got to do some fun things while she was out here. One of those things being hiking the up to the "Y" on the mountain over looking the valley.

Something HILARIOUS happened on the way up. We were almost to the top, like maybe another 30 yards. Well, there's a path that goes to the bottom of the Y, and another to the top of the Y which is a little higher. So me and Shelby (one of Mich's friends) starts going on the trail up to the top. Ryan decides to take a short cut straight up between the two paths, and who follows? Michaela. Bless her sea level heart, but I think snails were passing us the whole way up. Anyway, Ryan gets up his "shortcut" (which is a pretty darn steep side of the mountain) just fine, but then we here... "I'M STUCK!"..what? We look at Michaela who is just stranded on the side of this mountain clinging to the side of it for dear life. I start burst out laughing (because she's nearly to the top and is close to a rock she could pull herself up on), but she almost starts crying because she was so freaked out. No worries, we're don't have that much sibling rivalry anymore, Ryan went back down to help her up and all was well. But her face was priceless.

Definitely zoom in on that if at all possible.

Anyway. I feel like there's SO much to do before summer is over. I decided to refinish my kitchen table and chairs. I'm done with the chairs (after 3 days and a sprinkler incident..) and just have the table left. We've also been redoing the living room since we got new couches and James finally ordered his flat screen (he's like a kid on Christmas morning that just ran out and saw his new bike or something). I also need to finish this book I've been reading since like before Christmas (The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown..or maybe it's The Last Symbol...possibly The Forgotten Symbol....sheesh....I haven't cracked that one in a while..).

OH OH OH. I watched a CRAZY movie this week (me and Netflix have a really good relationship right now and it only costs 9 bucks a month). Remember Me, with Robert Pattinson. It was a little weird watching a movie where he wasn't trying to suck anyone's blood, but I got over it. At first I didn't really know how to react to the movie, but then I thought about it, and realized I LOVED it. If you ever want to watch something with a completely unexpected and surprise ending, there ya go.