Oh stop it.

So for the most part PDA is acceptable according to me, so long as its in moderation and not super gross (how else would they get those scenes in romantic comedies where the dumpee is walking through a park and EVERYONE around is all cute and in love making said dumpee feel like cow manure?). But even then, there are certain places where it IS super gross. Case in point- the gym, where everyone is
ALREADY sweaty.

I'm at the gym today waiting to go in for Zumba, and there's this couple standing outside the studio ALL OVER EACH OTHER...like...is he really about to go off to war and you're parting ways and expressing your undying love for each other right here and now AT THE GYM!? Chances are, not likely..so cut it out! It would be a little more aesthetically pleasing if they were like a cute newly wed couple or something, but not even! Pushing mid 30's (not that there's anything wrong with mid 30 yr olds...it's just rare you see a married couple participating in such youthful activities in public, ya know?)

Basically, just don't suck face/play hide and go seek with your hands at the gym. YOU'RE NASTY. Kthanxbye.


Did you know dolphins are really just gay sharks?

Haha..not really..but I love Glee.

Yesterday we went to Miami Seaquarium on Key Biscayne and FREAKING RODE DOLPHINS. It was by far one of the coolest things I have ever done. They totally don't feel how you think they would feel, and they're SUPER strong. The first time James tried to ride it he actually fell off because the dolphin was pulling him too hard.

I've decided I want to be a dolphin trainer. I mean, who didn't want to be a marine biologist at some point in their childhood so they could do exactly that? The only downside I see is that you probably smell like fish a good majority of the day. But I'm thinkin' the pros outweigh the cons (unless you're repulsed by the smell of fish, then maybe it's not the best idea).

Video of me riding it

Video of James biffing it :-)

The only down side I can think of is wearing a wetsuit. Those things are not as comfortable as they look..and I'll leave it at that.


Girl's just wanna have fun

Last night was girl's night with Jenn and Shanti. Love my girl's nights! Our best conversations usually always end up sitting in the car talking about...everything. Jenn is about to move to Indiana (husband is going to law school) and Shanti is leaving for the summer to be in the Nauvoo pageant for church (she is an AMAZING actor/singer). So who knows the next time we'll all be together...not soon enough I'm sure. Anyway, LOVE these girls.

One of my funniest memories with Jenn:
A few summers ago when we were roommates, we worked together at this TERRIBLE HORRIBLE AWFUL SUCKY LIFE-DRAINING place called Progrexion. Basically phone sales (gag me with a spoon). The money was good, everything else wasn't. We worked from 6am-2pm. So we usually woke up around 5:45 (enough time to put on a bra and brush our teeth). I usually called in "sick" a lot just to roll in around 8. One morning, Jenn was getting ready in the bathroom and I was still in bed. All the sudden I hear a crack, then a whoosh, then, "WWHHHIIITTNNNEEEYYYY!!!!!! GET IN HERE!!!!" Oh crap. I get into the bathroom and step into about 2 inches of water, and see that the bottom of the toilet is literally gone. ....There is no bottom to the toilet? What the?
After we got the water to stop GUSHING out, she told me what happened. She took the top of the back of the toilet off (for reasons I can't remember anymore) and it slipped and fell into the toilet, breaking out the bottom. Ridiculous. We didn't have a toilet in there for about a week.

Ten things I LOVE about Shanti:
1. She's refreshingly honest and will always tell it like it is.
2. She's a musical genius- brilliant singer.
3. She hates all things low-fat, fat free, reduced-fat, skim. The more fat, the better.
4. She's really picky about a lot of things, but at least she knows what she wants!
5. She has a shoe fetish.
6. Her favorite color is green (mine too!)
7. She's very independent.
8. She has gorgeous long hair..I'm jealous.
9. She often puts the needs of others before herself.
10. When I first met her when we were 15 she was a total changa!!



Crafty project #2...I told you I have a lot of time on my hands...Made out of a wood board. I used stencils for the designs. There's not really a white splotch in the middle, that was the flash from my camera because I sprayed a gloss over it.

This weekend was also James' 25th birthday! There's this joke where we say he's half way to 30, because I said that one day totally confident in my mathematics skills, but we all know half of 30 is 15..but it made sense in my head when I said it (like half way in your 20's to 30? get it?). Well anyway, we went to Boondocks with everybody on Saturday to celebrate. The farmers tan got MUCH worse. I also tried batting cages for the first time. Scary scary scary. Nothing like a hard little ball flying at your face.

The go karts were probably my favorite. Except it was basically me and this prepubescent 12 year old boy the whole time. HE WOULD NOT GET OUT OF MY WAY. Every time I tried to pass him he'd swerve in front of me. So I had to start playing dirty and just bumped him out of the way. Sorry buddy.


So I have some time on my hands...

And now I can be crafty!

This is an earring holder I made today out of an old picture frame, screen, and ribbon. Cuteness! I'm making something else, but have yet to get my hands on a power drill...so that one will just have to wait. I also painted some stuff for the wall but can't find the right size picture frames for the price I want to pay for them.

Anyway. Speaking of a lot of time on my hands (now that school is out)...the A/C is broken, and my house feels like an oven. The fix-it guy isn't coming until Monday, so in the mean time I'm going to the GYM because it actually has AIR CONDITIONING. That sucks. From time to time I just stick my head in the freezer. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a pool around here or something. Good thing by this time next week I'll be in Florida :-)

I also went to the dentist today. The goal: no cavities. The result: Dentist-1, Whitney-0. Two cavities. BUT to my defense, they're apparently in a really common place where your toothbrush can't reach, therefore unpreventable. Lame-o. I really hate it when the dentist tries to talk to you while jamming things down your throat. Are you really trying to have a conversation with me while my tongue feels like its making out with that little spit vacuum? For the love! just ask yes or no questions. Or, I'm okay with not talking at all. There are some places where I think it's just awkward to have a conversation...
1. Dentist
2. To the person giving you a pedicure
3. Gyno appointments (or any type of "female" related appointment)
4. To the person giving you a massage

I dunno. Call me crazy.