Crafty project #2...I told you I have a lot of time on my hands...Made out of a wood board. I used stencils for the designs. There's not really a white splotch in the middle, that was the flash from my camera because I sprayed a gloss over it.

This weekend was also James' 25th birthday! There's this joke where we say he's half way to 30, because I said that one day totally confident in my mathematics skills, but we all know half of 30 is 15..but it made sense in my head when I said it (like half way in your 20's to 30? get it?). Well anyway, we went to Boondocks with everybody on Saturday to celebrate. The farmers tan got MUCH worse. I also tried batting cages for the first time. Scary scary scary. Nothing like a hard little ball flying at your face.

The go karts were probably my favorite. Except it was basically me and this prepubescent 12 year old boy the whole time. HE WOULD NOT GET OUT OF MY WAY. Every time I tried to pass him he'd swerve in front of me. So I had to start playing dirty and just bumped him out of the way. Sorry buddy.

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