Paper mustaches and Mr. Rock and Roll

Substitutes are always a risky idea. Well, not when you have like a little Rolodex of good ones. But I figure there's at least 57 bad subs for every good one. Today, those odds played out. I woke up feeling like death (apparently Olive Garden isn't a good idea for food poisoinees), so I had to get a last minute sub. Today was also pioneer day for 4th grade. A whole day spent doing pioneer activities and learning about Utah pioneers. Yay.
So I was able to pump myself full of enough medicine to get out of bed, and made it back to school by lunch. Just in time to see Jack Black from School of Rock leaving my classroom, well, at least his Doppelganger.

Come to find out, one chair got broken, the kids made paper mustaches and ended up "being a distraction" (well...PERSON IN CHARGE tell them to not make paper mustaches!), and he told them to call him Mr. Rock and Roll. They said he was the "best sub ever." Which translates into, "he let us do whatever we want so we'd think he was cool." It was a fantastic way to start the afternoon.

Meanwhile, I still can't eat anything normal. Yesterday I was feeling like 90% better, so I figured a little Minetrone soup from Olive Garden would be fine? FALSE. My insides feel like they're in a blender. Bleghagdesfasdfggghhhhhhhh. Pass the Saltines.


Backyard barbecue gone bad

More like revenge of the backyard barbecue. Baked beans were good, potato salad good, some citrus-y cake with cool whip delish, undercooked chicken? NOT GOOD. And so my evening went, I spent a large part on the bathroom floor wishing to die. I don't think I'll be able to eat chicken for a while...I'll spare all the details. For the next three days my diet consists of saltine crackers and 7up. Oh, and lots and LOTS of Pepto-bismol.


This doesn't feel different..

Graduation Day. Four years of tests, crappy teachers, burning old text books, all nighters writing last minute papers, pranks, dance parties, sleeping through class, trudging up to campus in the snow, crazy roommates, awesome roommates, boy drama, mismatched furniture and silverware, and loads of other stuff (good and bad).

Sooo....what now?

I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! (okay not really, I'm just hoping someone might pay me for saying that).

The husband also graduated, so they let him walk at my ceremony right after me. I know. We're adorable. But want to know what's NOT adorable? Those gowns. Holy crap. Instafatty right there.

So there's this MOUNTAIN with a big Y painted on it (Y for BYU, get it?). And people climb up to it. I dunno why or who started it, anyway, it's like a thing to do. I made it the whole two years I was at BYU without doing it, and finally figured since I was graduating, I might as well. it was high. I CLIMBED HALF A MOUNTAIN TODAY.
Some guy asked me while climbing if I've ever climbed to the "F"...reference to my Florida t-shirt? Weirdo...


If you're not happy about life , you don't eat enough cereal.

I'm a freak about cereal. Fortunately, so is James, so it works out because we ALWAYS have cereal. But then I went to FL for spring break, and James lived off of frozen burritos. When I came back, there was still a bag of cereal (Cocoa Pebbles to be exact), but NO MILK. That is so inconvenient when cereal and milk run out at different times. I didn't have time this week to go grocery shopping, so I went basically a whole WEEK without cereal for breakfast, which is unheard of. Finally, yesterday I got up the motivation to go shopping and the cereal shelf (yes we have a whole shelf dedicated to cereal boxes) is restocked and both gallons of milk are in the fridge. Talk about relief. This is one of the best cereals ever invented:

I'm not sure why it is so amazing, but it just works. I could eat this 3 times a day and still be completely satisfied.

As far as other news goes, I'm graduating this week. So that's exciting. The rents are coming out on Wednesday and the day it all goes down is Friday. Crazy. I can't believe it's all FINALLY over. Begin playing: School's Out by Alice Cooper.


You are the only exception

Two posts in one day? Aye aye aye...

I'm digging this song lately:

The Only Exception by Paramore

Love Paramore. Love them.

The simple things, hail, and the devil

The highlights of my spring break:

Beach after pedicure

Goofy little brother...

Adorable sister <3>

It really was just what I needed: warmth, good food, and relaxation!

Then I get back to Utah, and it's cloudy, windy, and HAILING. Hail is one of the scariest things ever...and it's even scarier when you're driving in it, which I was today. And it finally clicked, THESE ARE LITTLE BALLS OF ICE FALLING OUT OF THE SKY.....BALLS OF ICE. THAT IS FREAKY.

Before that near death experience, I went to sculpting+Zumba (took everything I had to go), and there's this girl sitting on a chair in the back just watching, eating a Fun Dip. You know those little packets of sugar that you dip a sugar stick in? Why would anyone ever do that...in a gym class??? She was the devil. I'm convinced.


Dave's Pond

There's this place in the neighborhood we call Dave's Pond. My family's been going there forever. I haven't actually been swimming in it since I was probably like 15, but it's still fun to go see/layout on the deck. (I decided it wasn't a good idea to swim in it anymore when 1) my brother lied to me and told me a gator was chasing me in it and 2) you can sometimes feel catfish swim past your legs). Oh, and 3) it's an unnatural shade of blue...I'm not sure what is really in it.

But from the top deck (a good 20-25 feet up), many a people have done many a stupid thing. Like, do back flips, dives, sit in a canoe while being pushed off the top, you name it, it's probably been done. I'd rather lay up there and worship the sun :-)


When you live in the country, this is what you may find in your backyard.

I tried to get close to it to get a picture with it (may be stupid..I know..) but I was like 10 feet behind it and just before my dad was going to snap the picture, it freaked out and went straight into the water. You better believe I screamed and jumped back a good 5 feet.

Also, when you live in a small town, you get to witness your father going to places like this.


I HATE it...



It's been all day and this is what I've managed to come up with...dang it....

Shorts, flip flops, and bathing suits...but do I really need more than that for this trip? Probably not...(note to self, grab toothbrush).


Spring hasn't sprung, but I'll still take the break.

S P R I N G B R E A K!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank YOU. It's been super cold the past two days...I had to scrape ice off my window this morning and yesterday (gross), but it's supposedly "spring". I'll still take the break from snotty noses, homework excuses, gossipy teachers, and the endless list of concepts to review before CRT's starting in 2 weeks (CRT=end of year test). I feel very productive so far...got caught up on laundry, and dishes, watched the Friday usuals on Hulu (Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Community, and Flash Forward, respectively), now sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing. And loving it.

Going to Florida on Tuesday! Here's what I MUST do while I'm there: beach (given..), eat at Harry's, see all my family, get some Publix sushi, take a picture with my cat I've had since kindergarten before she dies (haha, but it's true she's like borderline already there...like 17 years old, that's got to be some kind of record). CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! (to go to Fl...not for my cat to finally croak....)

Good times had in St. Augustine...YES! SO EXCITED!!!!

St. Augustine Beach with some of my FAV people in the world!!! (I think this was some time in 2006...)