Dave's Pond

There's this place in the neighborhood we call Dave's Pond. My family's been going there forever. I haven't actually been swimming in it since I was probably like 15, but it's still fun to go see/layout on the deck. (I decided it wasn't a good idea to swim in it anymore when 1) my brother lied to me and told me a gator was chasing me in it and 2) you can sometimes feel catfish swim past your legs). Oh, and 3) it's an unnatural shade of blue...I'm not sure what is really in it.

But from the top deck (a good 20-25 feet up), many a people have done many a stupid thing. Like, do back flips, dives, sit in a canoe while being pushed off the top, you name it, it's probably been done. I'd rather lay up there and worship the sun :-)

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