This doesn't feel different..

Graduation Day. Four years of tests, crappy teachers, burning old text books, all nighters writing last minute papers, pranks, dance parties, sleeping through class, trudging up to campus in the snow, crazy roommates, awesome roommates, boy drama, mismatched furniture and silverware, and loads of other stuff (good and bad).

Sooo....what now?

I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! (okay not really, I'm just hoping someone might pay me for saying that).

The husband also graduated, so they let him walk at my ceremony right after me. I know. We're adorable. But want to know what's NOT adorable? Those gowns. Holy crap. Instafatty right there.

So there's this MOUNTAIN with a big Y painted on it (Y for BYU, get it?). And people climb up to it. I dunno why or who started it, anyway, it's like a thing to do. I made it the whole two years I was at BYU without doing it, and finally figured since I was graduating, I might as well. it was high. I CLIMBED HALF A MOUNTAIN TODAY.
Some guy asked me while climbing if I've ever climbed to the "F"...reference to my Florida t-shirt? Weirdo...

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