This makes me want to shop more.


Design/Fashion blog. Love her cute vintage style! Every time I see somebody who can be this cute all the time I always think...crap...I need to go shopping...I still haven't made it through all of the sections. One of my favs so far are all of the felt/button flower bouquets she makes. Ah! Love it!

Also makes me wish I was crafty enough to come up/make my own Halloween costume. But because I can't sew on a button, I will be joining the hundreds of other last minute costume shoppers tomorrow night. *sigh.


Big O

Wow. This picture needs no words.

But I'll go ahead and give the background. It was one of my student's birthdays today and her mom thought I deserved an extra large donut. Extra large as in, Oh, here's a donut as big as your head. Thanks. My hips hate you.


-ies. Babies and Weepies.

This weekend involved the suffix -ies. Very good things end in -ies if you think about it...brownies...accessories...daisies...floozies...(jk). You get the point. But this weekend was all about BABIES and the WEEPIES. On Thursday my niece was born at 11:37 am, weighing 8 lbs. 15 oz. and 20" long. Today is Monday and I've yet to see her open her eyes. They say birth is one of the most traumatic things your body experiences, so maybe she's taking a full advantage of the recovery period. But eyes closed, she's still adorable.

My Mom has totally been eating up playing the part of Nana since she got here on Thursday also. (And I'm also eating up all the delicious food she insists on making while she's here).

Milly is also very concerned about her. Anytime Eliza starts crying, she says "Eliza cry sad okay?" Haha! Love it. Love HER!

Speaking of love, love The Weepies. Awesome couple that does like indie/acoustic amazingness.

A few of their songs have been on Grey's Anatomy. Which by the way, they should sell compilations of the music just on that show because whoever is in charge of that whole part of the editing process is seriously doing a good job. Anyway, I went with the bestie (Shanti) to The State Room in downtown Salt Lake to see it.

Highlight of the month (excluding the birth of my niece or my Mom flying out, those things can't be in the same category). I LOVE their new album too- Be My Thrill. Title track for your enjoyment:


Maze of maize

I'm only going to have a niece for one more day. She's not dying or anything (hopefully), but she will no longer be the only one! As of Friday, I'll have TWO nieces. Crazy. I can't even imagine how I'm going to equally divide my attention ;-) But for now, while Milly is the only one present and accounted for, I can dote on her all I want. Aaannnddd I think I will.

We went to a maze of maize (I'm hilarious) over the weekend. Not only was it her first time, but also mine and James. The corn maze wasn't scary until we decided to split up to see who could finish first. THEN it was a little freaky. It was James and I vs. Ryan, Kimber, Milly, and Kortnee. We finished first. Seriously though, a corn maze is the PERFECT setting for a horror movie featuring a demented serial killer. I think we might have finished first because we were walking a little bit faster after we talked about that....Did you know that there is an actual strategy to finishing a corn maze? You either turn right the whole time or left the whole time, but if you turn both directions that's when you get lost....and shanked by a serial killer. It was fun though. Especially at the end when Ryan yelled at a teenager for jumping out and scaring us because Milly was there. Gotta love that paternal instinct.

Moral of the story? 1. Corn maze's are a tad freaky. 2. I'm going to meet my new niece on Friday! 3. The one I already have is dangerously adorable. See:

Told you.


I wanna be a billionaire so..I CAN EAT THAT AGAIN.

We went to Park City to celebrate our anniversary (2 years WHAT!). It was awesome! We sort of decided to really treat ourselves, so we did. We stayed at the Waldorf in a room that had a fireplace! That was my favorite part. And any hotel that has a guy that comes in to turn down your bed in the evening and leaves a chocolate on your pillow is my kinda place. Not to mention it was GORGEOUS.

The thing that really won us over though was the restaurant, Spruce. I've never been to a restaurant where the waitress sort of just appears and actually waits until you acknowledge her before she talks to you. Or where people come out bringingf different samples of things while saying, "compliments from the chef." With some of those things they brought, compliments definitely go back to the chef. High quality service, for reals. What did we order? Fabulous-ness. James got roasted duck and I got some fancy named steak with a creamy truffle sauce. OH MY GOSH. Best thing I've EVER eaten (and I usually am not a steak eater either). For dessert we got a banana split that had caramelized bananas, three different flavors of ice cream, and on the side had what I described as "little cauldrons" of chocolate sauce, candied almonds, chantilly cream, and peanut butter somethings. Uh-may-zing. AMAZING. Literally we sat there for almost two hours to finish our meal because I don't think we wanted it to be over. Haha.

During the day we walked around Main Street and checked out some of the art galleries. It was here I realized I forgot my memory card in my camera, so I have no pictures of this. Lame I know. But it totally reminded me of two things: New England (even though I've never been but in my head that's what it would look like) and Mickey Mouse's neighborhood in the Magic Kingdom. Some of the little houses looked like that.

The weather was no less than perfect. Sunny with a breeze! I love the fall. Even though it means winter is coming (uuuggghhh), it's pretty for now!

Not bad for a moving in car through the window photo, eh?

Today we went to the outlets and did a little shopping...okay I did a little shopping. Seriously going to go back there without having dropped heinous amounts of money on hotel and food so I can do more SHOPPING! I think Banana Republic was my favorite store. I now understand why people shoplift. Because sometimes, you just HAVE TO HAVE THAT. I know, I completely get it. I'm just not brave enough to ever try. Instead I try to make puppy eyes at my husband while reminding him how much more frugal I am these days than in my single days. Works to an extent ;-)

Being married has been amazing though. I wouldn't change anything we've been through together. I'm glad I wake up every morning realizing I'm next to the man of my dreams!!! Can't put a price on that. /cheesy.

In other news, WE'RE MOVING! For no substantial reason other than we want a change of indoor scenery and we think I need a healthy distraction, haha. I'm excited about our new place. My new favorite part will be the full size DISHWASHER! WOO!

Fall break? You were everything I needed.


Why I'm going to be an unfit parent.

Things die when I'm solely in charge of taking care of them. I think this is why I don't own a house plant. I got a plant to put in my class this year and it's already half dead. I have bamboo stem in my house (that you think would be pretty easy to take care of, right? Just water?) and they're starting to dry out...and the pinnacle of all pinnacles, the class pet died today. Yes, died. That sucker was deader than dead and to make it better, it was Monday- so who knows at what point during the weekend it actually died. So here's how I find this out today: while one of my students is sharpening their pencils I hear, "Why does the frog have his mouth open under water?" Oh crap. Thought 1: move the child away from the area drawing the least amount of attention to yourself. Check. Thought 2: move the frog away from a high traffic area and distract students with something else. Check. Thought 3: get the frog the freak outta the classroom. Check. Thought 4: don't tell them what happened. Thought 5: Crap...where am I supposed to find an identical frog?!

So towards the end of the day one of them actually asked what happened to the frog. I told him it went on a field trip to another class. What am I going to say tomorrow, because I didn't have time to swing by the pet store today? Haven't quite figured that one out. So if you happen to be reading this and have any connection to my class- DON'T tell them the frog died!! AH! Some of them might seriously cry and call me the devil. Which, I can deal with on two separate occasions, but not simultaneously.

ANYWAY, on to happier and livelier things- today is our 2 YEAR anniversary! Go us! I can't believe it's been two years already....at this time two years ago we were at our reception where it happened to be SNOWING outside (yes, snow in October). And the next day we flew out to St. Thomas for our honeymoon where little did we know a hurricane would be joining us :-) Good memories. I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!! Since fall break is this week we're going to go up to park city for the long weekend to celebrate. It should be really pretty (unless we get a freak snow storm again) and the leaves should be beautiful!