-ies. Babies and Weepies.

This weekend involved the suffix -ies. Very good things end in -ies if you think about it...brownies...accessories...daisies...floozies...(jk). You get the point. But this weekend was all about BABIES and the WEEPIES. On Thursday my niece was born at 11:37 am, weighing 8 lbs. 15 oz. and 20" long. Today is Monday and I've yet to see her open her eyes. They say birth is one of the most traumatic things your body experiences, so maybe she's taking a full advantage of the recovery period. But eyes closed, she's still adorable.

My Mom has totally been eating up playing the part of Nana since she got here on Thursday also. (And I'm also eating up all the delicious food she insists on making while she's here).

Milly is also very concerned about her. Anytime Eliza starts crying, she says "Eliza cry sad okay?" Haha! Love it. Love HER!

Speaking of love, love The Weepies. Awesome couple that does like indie/acoustic amazingness.

A few of their songs have been on Grey's Anatomy. Which by the way, they should sell compilations of the music just on that show because whoever is in charge of that whole part of the editing process is seriously doing a good job. Anyway, I went with the bestie (Shanti) to The State Room in downtown Salt Lake to see it.

Highlight of the month (excluding the birth of my niece or my Mom flying out, those things can't be in the same category). I LOVE their new album too- Be My Thrill. Title track for your enjoyment:

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