Maze of maize

I'm only going to have a niece for one more day. She's not dying or anything (hopefully), but she will no longer be the only one! As of Friday, I'll have TWO nieces. Crazy. I can't even imagine how I'm going to equally divide my attention ;-) But for now, while Milly is the only one present and accounted for, I can dote on her all I want. Aaannnddd I think I will.

We went to a maze of maize (I'm hilarious) over the weekend. Not only was it her first time, but also mine and James. The corn maze wasn't scary until we decided to split up to see who could finish first. THEN it was a little freaky. It was James and I vs. Ryan, Kimber, Milly, and Kortnee. We finished first. Seriously though, a corn maze is the PERFECT setting for a horror movie featuring a demented serial killer. I think we might have finished first because we were walking a little bit faster after we talked about that....Did you know that there is an actual strategy to finishing a corn maze? You either turn right the whole time or left the whole time, but if you turn both directions that's when you get lost....and shanked by a serial killer. It was fun though. Especially at the end when Ryan yelled at a teenager for jumping out and scaring us because Milly was there. Gotta love that paternal instinct.

Moral of the story? 1. Corn maze's are a tad freaky. 2. I'm going to meet my new niece on Friday! 3. The one I already have is dangerously adorable. See:

Told you.

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