DIY fabric baby gate

Olivia's new favorite thing is the stairs. She's getting pretty fast at going up, but will still just sit down half way through (and would then topple all the way down if I wasn't right behind her!) 
Trying to find a baby gate for the bottom of our stairs has been impossible. After trying 3 different kinds of gates that didn't work for various reasons, I temporarily gave up and used a giant piece of cardboard. That eventually lost its sturdiness so I needed to come up with something else! 

I remember seeing a few DIY gates made out of fabric and figured I'd give it a try! The best part is I had some old curtain panels sitting in storage, so I used one of them! Using a curtain panel means 2-3 sides of the rectangle you make will already be hemmed, and as far as I'm concerned, the less sewing a project requires the better!! 

I would not use this type of gate for the top of the stairs- it's more meant to block them from going up, not break their fall if they're on their way down.

All you do is measure the size rectangle you need, then cut your fabric (or curtain panel) to size. When you cut make sure you cut 1/2-1 inch larger than you need for seam allowance. Hem the raw edges by folding over and sewing down the edge.

On the banister side, I used sew-on velcro strips- one on the top, middle and bottom. That way it can wrap around the banister and connect back to itself.

For the wall side, I used about 8 inches of elastic, made a loop, and sewed one loop on the top and one on the bottom. You secure it to the wall by using two 3M Command Cord Bundlers. This is the side you will remove to go up and down the stairs.Removing just the top one gives you enough clearance to go up and down without needing to remove both the top and bottom every time.

I figure once Olivia is bright enough to figure out how to get around it, by intelligence or brute force, she's probably also bright enough to learn how to go down the stairs safely! Right now that's just not clicking so this has been a great solution! 


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