dining room plans!

The next victim project on my to-do list as part of the "lighten/brighten the main floor" overhaul is the dining area. We bought our tables and chairs set a few years ago, again- black (I'm too predictable). Technically it's really dark brown, but basically black.

It was a standard set from RC Willey, one of our first "real" furniture purchases- we were so proud. And with the exception of the upholstered seat cushions, it has held up remarkably well against the tiny humans (the seat cushions are like 90% my fault...I probably should not let Jillian use acrylic craft paint EVER, but especially when sitting atop microfiber). Oops. 
So here's how it stands now:

And here's my plan:

I've sanded down the table and will be doing a stain+watered down paint combo to give a weathered graywash finish to update the look. The chairs I'm getting rid of completely and swapping them for a bench (it may or may not be that one pictured, but it will be white), and four chairs. 

 (sorry, poor lighting- it was late)

Here's my dilemma...I LOVE these distressed blue metal chairs, but I can't decide if I'd like four of them (so the bench and 4 blue metal chairs) or just two of the blue chairs and two white wooden chairs (so the bench, two blue metal and two white wooden). I totally love the mismatched look, but I can't decide.



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