mother's day

I'm trying to feel all reflective and poetic as a I write about Mother's Day- what it means to me and how much I can truly now appreciate (and empathize) with my own mother- but I'm tired

Olivia got up a couple of times last night, I had to rock her back to sleep at 5am silently praying that Jillian would sleep in this morning a little later than her usual 7am wake-up call (she did- tender mercy). 

We had breakfast, I caught up on emails then got the girls dressed.

 I folded and put away two loads of laundry while Jillian bounced between her room and mine and Olivia "helped" fold. 

I organized my makeup drawer and threw on clean yoga pants and mascara (a sure sign of a bummy day with no real plans- sometimes those are my favorites). 

Jillian wanted a snack- apples with peanut butter and graham crackers.

We went to the post office and Jillian collected international mailing labels while we waited in line ("tickets for her party").

We came home, made lunch. Jillian would only eat it if I called it a "snack". Olivia threw most of it on the floor. 

Olivia took a nap and Jillian and I made a play-dough birthday cake complete with real candles. We sang happy birthday and blew out the candles.

I organized the junk drawer. 

Olivia woke up and we played outside with sidewalk chalk and blowing bubbles. The girls got filthy, so they got a bath. Jillian threw a tantrum in the tub. 

Clean kids, clean clothes. 

Snack time followed by a popsicle while Jillian watched a TV show and I made some calls for work. 

Olivia played on the floor with her toys.

Jillian wanted another snack- goldfish and milk.

I made dinner. The girls start to get on each others' nerves- Olivia shrieks at impressively high decibels while Jillian knows exactly what buttons to push to get her to do that. 

They took all of the pots and pans out of the cabinet.

Olivia pooped on her outfit. She stayed in a diaper until bedtime. 

The girls got in a tiff over some toys again.

Dinner in the oven and I look out the window for the 56th time to see if James' car was in the parking space yet.

I helped Olivia go down her play side 10-12 times. Jillian played with her Candyland board game pieces in the dining room. I put on Baby Einstein for Olivia.

I sat down.

James is home! We ate dinner. Jillian actually ate without complaining tonight. Impressive. We cleaned up dinner and had family time. 

We put the girls to bed. I swept and mopped the floor, straightened up the living area. 

I watched a TV show- series finale of Revenge.

I cleaned up the basement playroom- I think an actual bomb went off in there. 

I organized my craft supplies.

I took a glorious, hot bath.

I browsed some of my favorite blogs and Pinterest. 

I wrote a blog post. 

Like I said, I'm tired. But I'm happy- so unbelievably happy. I've never been pushed to the breaking point more times than I have since becoming a mother. Never been more exhausted, out of ideas or full of emotion.

I've come to realize that mothers do everything they do, and they do it over and over again on a daily basis, purely out of love. Because there is nothing else that makes you this crazy that keeps you coming back for more-
more hugs, more smiles, more kisses, more stories, trips to the park, tiny hands to hold, accomplishments to witness, giggles, seeing developing talents and hobbies, their awe at the wonders of the world- it is an amazing thing to be a part of. 

As an adult I still rely on my Mom more than regularly. She fields all kinds of phone calls, from "How do you cook that casserole I like?" to "Jillian is doing this weird thing...what do you think that means?" to "What kind of plants should I put in my backyard?" 

I'm still convinced she knows everything. I have a lot to learn before I hit Nana status. Good thing I have a pretty great resource! 

Happy Mother's Day!

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