Another year older, wiser, and weellll perhaps a little balder

First of all, on this day, the day of April 30, there is snow on the ground. I find this immoral. I've decided that my own personal version of hell is spring time in Utah...how it's all sunny and in the 60's one day, then snowing the next. Yup, that is what I think hell is probably like. Forget all that fire and burning stuff, this weather with multi-personality disorder is proving to be MUCH worse.

Anyway. On this day, the day of April 30, is my dad's birthday (54 I think??..I should know that...)

My dad is one of the funniest people I know, but he would never believe that.

My dad is a wanna-be farmer. He's getting pretty good at it, with the chickens and cows. It's quite enjoyable.

My dad is really smart. I mean, who else can give a 30 minute explanation of why people sneeze?

My dad is famous for two speeches. The "frog boiling" speech and the "wagon driver" speech. You've only been fortunate enough to hear these speeches if you've once been a teenager about to make a dumb decision.

My dad always gets super stressed out when my family leaves on a some type of road trip. It's hilarious.

My dad has always been there for me. No exceptions.

My dad cares for people. Not just about people, but for people. He always makes a point to go visit people. Especially around the holidays when he takes them his annual spiral cut ham.

My dad knows what it means to trust in the Lord. Really, truly, honestly have faith in Him.

My dad is a romantic. He stills holds my mom's hand and pulls her into the pantry to kiss her because he knows we'll
get all squirmy.

My dad is a hard worker and has worked his tail off to be where he is today. Like my daddy used to say, "Anybody can stand in a bucket of crap if you know it's only temporary."

My dad is the best grandpa. He adores my two nieces and I'm so excited to watch him teach baby J how to do "Belly up to the bar boys".

My dad is another year older, another year wiser, and welllll, perhaps a little balder.

But the best part is, he's MY dad.


DIY: it's all the rage.

DIY= do it yourself. I didn't know that until recently. Anyway, I found this super awesome tutorial on how to make your own coasters. I haven't been like looking for coasters, or wanting them really, but when I saw this I decided I needed them. (Original tutorial is here).

  1. All you do is buy plain bathroom tiles (in whatever color you want).
  2. Cut any scrapbook paper slightly smaller than the size of the tile (depending on how big of a border you want).
  3. Put a thin layer of Mod Podge glue down on the tile, and push the paper down onto the tile. Let it dry for about 20 minutes.
  4. Apply a layer of Mod Podge glue over the top of the paper and let it dry for about 20 minutes, repeat this 4 times.
  5. Once final layer of glue is dry, apply a clear gloss sealing or finishing spray.
  6. Once it's dry, add 4 adhesive felt dots to the 4 corners of the back of the tile, or just glue down a whole square of felt fabric.
  7. TA-DAH!

(Mine still look a little cloudy in this picture because the finishing gloss was still a little wet).

I also made a dry erase board for my kitchen.

All you need is a picture frame (whatever size you want), fabric or scrapbook paper, and a dry erase marker. You basically just frame the fabric or paper and holy cow...easiest dry erase board EVER. I'm going to get some velcro and attach the marker to the side, I just have to remember to steal some while I'm at school.


Current Obsessions

Soo I dunno if it's Spring, or the baby, or the fact that there's 5 weeks of school left...but I have been ridiculously ANTSY for summer. I think June will be the best month ever (aside from the obvious woes...I'll get to that...)- completely on my own schedule, getting the final prep done for said baby to arrive, and as much time as I want to get crafty. I have an overwhelming urge to just "do". (I think that might be from the whole baby thing). Anyway, I went a lil crazy over the weekend getting, doing, and planning crafts and decorative things for around mi casa.

Oh, I also blame my new found love for the website pinterest.com. HOLY COW. I could spend HOURS just browsing (I thank you for that, Aleksi).

Here are a few things I'm CRAZY for right now...

Painted Vases

Mason Jars

DIY projects...like this adorably creative magnetic makeup board

Rosette fabric flowers

All things gray+white+yellow

Love. Love. LOVE.

Oh, so pregnancy woes. Woe is me. Woe is me for having to run to my car in the pouring rain with a cart full of groceries and a belly full of baby. That was a sight I'm sure.

Nobody ever tells you the REAL story of the third trimester. Oh, happy third trimester to me, by the way, as of today. I mean, I'm sure they would if you asked. But it's not the stuff you usually hear about. Maybe because other things are happening, like the baby shower, all the preparations, other what nots. Let me just share with you a little list of all of the "physical symptoms" one experiences in the third trimester of babyness.

(Brought to you by whattoexpect.com) Backaches, shortness of breath, Braxton Hicks contractions, sciatic nerve pain, weight gain, heartburn,
spider veins, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, frequent urination, weight gain, increase in stretch marks, abdominal pain on one or both sides, harder and more frequent kicks from the baby, swelling in feet, legs, hands, or face, and a few other "personal" things I'll spare you the agony of reading.

Good thing Mother's Day is coming up. Go call your mother and tell her how awesome she is for doing all of that for you.

(Don't get me wrong..I'm super stoked for the mini-me to make her appearance and be ridiculously adorable. But right now, it's hard to think of things like that when I'm starting to have a hard time seeing my feet...let me have my moment.)


So here's a depressing thought

This post is RIDICULOUSLY ironic coming right after my last post (cupcake anyone?)...I had my monthly doctor's appointment today (27 weeks to be exact! That's only 13 to go!). Aaanndd here it is, with no clever intro or good lead up: I'm gaining weight too fast. I feel like that should be bolded and on a line completely by itself for dramatic effect.


Now, this is an extremely perplexing notion to me. Not the gaining weight part, I've always been a pro at that. But how to gain weight, but not TOO much weight, and a steady rate, while still feeding yourself the small six meals a day recommended. I probably understand calculus better. Aye aye aye.

So I asked my doctor how one does this. He said, "Just eat the good stuff." ...
As in all what I'm trying to do already? Apparently that's not working..

I feel very confused. The end.


When in doubt, use butter

Anything that calls for 6 1/2 boxes of butter...yes I said BOXES...is bound to be not only a major health risk, but probably delicious. These were most definitely delicious: chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed cupcakes. (The original recipe can be found here).

Have you ever had anything that had "stuffed" in the title that WASN'T amazing?

I can't take credit for making them though, although I did put the frosting on them and make them look pretty. Michaela made them.

Who knew among her many talents that one was baking? I like when people have that skill. I try to have it, but baking can be so finicky. Like when you accidentally confuse baking powder and baking soda...well WHY do they both have "baking" in the first word?! That sets one up for some serious confusion. It baffles me, by the way, that the same stuff that can bleach your teeth, or soak up your barf, AND clean a corroded car battery is put in a cookie recipe.

One of the mysteries of life I guess...


Some things never change

I love coming home and finding things are just the way they were the last time I was here...

Like Lucy's favorite spot...right in between the kitchen and dining room

Like critters crawling across the road (we safely returned this one to the grass by the way...we didn't want it to get smashed).

Like awesome Baptist church signs

And cookies on the counter when I come home.

Who ever said change is a good thing?


Crazy Singaporians...

I realize that's probably not a word. People from Singapore? Singaporians...that goes...right? Anyway. Not the point. There's this math program called Singapore Math, that is supposedly pretty reputable. During our weekly 2nd grade team meeting we were looking at some word problems from this website and ALMOST DIED, of laughing that is. Who comes up with this stuff?! These were my top 3 favs... keep in mind these were under SECOND GRADE MATERIALS, as in, for 7-8 year olds.

1. Dwimdubu Devil had a fun time yesterday. He stabbed a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer and a Singapore math teacher 4 times with his pitchfork. How many times did he stab them altogether?

2. I am 14 years old and the maggot in my brain is 12 years younger than I. I was sleeping one day when a fly entered my ear, made its way to my brain and laid an egg. What will our total age be 6 years from now when the maggot transforms itself into a fly and escapes through my nose?

Aaaannnddd my number one favorite:

3. Ernesto, a mad scientist, performed an abominable experiment. He created an evil twin in his stomach when he was 37 years old. When the twin reached the age of 34, he ripped open Ernesto's stomach with his sharp teeth and ran away. How old was Ernesto on that fateful day?

I kid you not!!! What are those people teaching their kids over there!? Needless to say...it was the most entertaining meeting we've had in quite a while.


"Nesting"..or something..

Weekends are right up there with sliced bread, 2-ply toilet paper, and Nyquil. The only thing that would make them better is if Mondays were invited. Mondays are like having to wash the dishes after an amazing dinner. Or like shaving your legs (we all hate it, but it's just something you have to do).

Anyway. This weekend was pretty good. We tried this new(ish) place in Riverwoods called Milawi Pizza. I was thinking it would be a glorified Domino's, but man was I wrong. SooooOOOooo good. I think I ate like 6 slices.

Then we walked around a little bit and got some ice cream (well, I got ice cream and James got a Coke) and of COURSE we bought a dress for le bebe. It's getting harder and harder to resist buying things. The next day I bought a few MORE things, including some adorable denim and floral print shoes.

Why is it so much easier to justify buying cute things for her instead of for me? My mom said it's called "nesting". That makes me feel like a pigeon or something. Another one of those weird things. I think another weird result or hormones is the fact that I want to clean EVERYTHING. I dusted like a mad man today. I also chopped off 4 1/2 inches from my hair. I realize that's not related to dusting, but like all that dust, the long hair needed to go.

In other news, Florida is happening is 7 days. How fabulous is THAT?! I am so ready to rock that maternity swim suit and get some sunshine! Figuring out how to tan my back while avoiding smashing my baby will be somewhat of a creative challenge, but I figured with enough pool floaties I should be able to work something out. Oh don't worry, I'll definitely post a picture of that hilariousness when it goes down.