"Nesting"..or something..

Weekends are right up there with sliced bread, 2-ply toilet paper, and Nyquil. The only thing that would make them better is if Mondays were invited. Mondays are like having to wash the dishes after an amazing dinner. Or like shaving your legs (we all hate it, but it's just something you have to do).

Anyway. This weekend was pretty good. We tried this new(ish) place in Riverwoods called Milawi Pizza. I was thinking it would be a glorified Domino's, but man was I wrong. SooooOOOooo good. I think I ate like 6 slices.

Then we walked around a little bit and got some ice cream (well, I got ice cream and James got a Coke) and of COURSE we bought a dress for le bebe. It's getting harder and harder to resist buying things. The next day I bought a few MORE things, including some adorable denim and floral print shoes.

Why is it so much easier to justify buying cute things for her instead of for me? My mom said it's called "nesting". That makes me feel like a pigeon or something. Another one of those weird things. I think another weird result or hormones is the fact that I want to clean EVERYTHING. I dusted like a mad man today. I also chopped off 4 1/2 inches from my hair. I realize that's not related to dusting, but like all that dust, the long hair needed to go.

In other news, Florida is happening is 7 days. How fabulous is THAT?! I am so ready to rock that maternity swim suit and get some sunshine! Figuring out how to tan my back while avoiding smashing my baby will be somewhat of a creative challenge, but I figured with enough pool floaties I should be able to work something out. Oh don't worry, I'll definitely post a picture of that hilariousness when it goes down.

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  1. they make floats that are mesh i the middle. get one. they are briliant for preggos!


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