Another year older, wiser, and weellll perhaps a little balder

First of all, on this day, the day of April 30, there is snow on the ground. I find this immoral. I've decided that my own personal version of hell is spring time in Utah...how it's all sunny and in the 60's one day, then snowing the next. Yup, that is what I think hell is probably like. Forget all that fire and burning stuff, this weather with multi-personality disorder is proving to be MUCH worse.

Anyway. On this day, the day of April 30, is my dad's birthday (54 I think??..I should know that...)

My dad is one of the funniest people I know, but he would never believe that.

My dad is a wanna-be farmer. He's getting pretty good at it, with the chickens and cows. It's quite enjoyable.

My dad is really smart. I mean, who else can give a 30 minute explanation of why people sneeze?

My dad is famous for two speeches. The "frog boiling" speech and the "wagon driver" speech. You've only been fortunate enough to hear these speeches if you've once been a teenager about to make a dumb decision.

My dad always gets super stressed out when my family leaves on a some type of road trip. It's hilarious.

My dad has always been there for me. No exceptions.

My dad cares for people. Not just about people, but for people. He always makes a point to go visit people. Especially around the holidays when he takes them his annual spiral cut ham.

My dad knows what it means to trust in the Lord. Really, truly, honestly have faith in Him.

My dad is a romantic. He stills holds my mom's hand and pulls her into the pantry to kiss her because he knows we'll
get all squirmy.

My dad is a hard worker and has worked his tail off to be where he is today. Like my daddy used to say, "Anybody can stand in a bucket of crap if you know it's only temporary."

My dad is the best grandpa. He adores my two nieces and I'm so excited to watch him teach baby J how to do "Belly up to the bar boys".

My dad is another year older, another year wiser, and welllll, perhaps a little balder.

But the best part is, he's MY dad.

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