Crazy Singaporians...

I realize that's probably not a word. People from Singapore? Singaporians...that goes...right? Anyway. Not the point. There's this math program called Singapore Math, that is supposedly pretty reputable. During our weekly 2nd grade team meeting we were looking at some word problems from this website and ALMOST DIED, of laughing that is. Who comes up with this stuff?! These were my top 3 favs... keep in mind these were under SECOND GRADE MATERIALS, as in, for 7-8 year olds.

1. Dwimdubu Devil had a fun time yesterday. He stabbed a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer and a Singapore math teacher 4 times with his pitchfork. How many times did he stab them altogether?

2. I am 14 years old and the maggot in my brain is 12 years younger than I. I was sleeping one day when a fly entered my ear, made its way to my brain and laid an egg. What will our total age be 6 years from now when the maggot transforms itself into a fly and escapes through my nose?

Aaaannnddd my number one favorite:

3. Ernesto, a mad scientist, performed an abominable experiment. He created an evil twin in his stomach when he was 37 years old. When the twin reached the age of 34, he ripped open Ernesto's stomach with his sharp teeth and ran away. How old was Ernesto on that fateful day?

I kid you not!!! What are those people teaching their kids over there!? Needless to say...it was the most entertaining meeting we've had in quite a while.

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