When in doubt, use butter

Anything that calls for 6 1/2 boxes of butter...yes I said BOXES...is bound to be not only a major health risk, but probably delicious. These were most definitely delicious: chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed cupcakes. (The original recipe can be found here).

Have you ever had anything that had "stuffed" in the title that WASN'T amazing?

I can't take credit for making them though, although I did put the frosting on them and make them look pretty. Michaela made them.

Who knew among her many talents that one was baking? I like when people have that skill. I try to have it, but baking can be so finicky. Like when you accidentally confuse baking powder and baking soda...well WHY do they both have "baking" in the first word?! That sets one up for some serious confusion. It baffles me, by the way, that the same stuff that can bleach your teeth, or soak up your barf, AND clean a corroded car battery is put in a cookie recipe.

One of the mysteries of life I guess...


  1. 6.5 boxes!? it looks like the frosting might be straight up butter... don't you just love that michaela!

  2. Yeah I think the frosting was basically just butter, brown sugar, and vanilla.


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