Field Day

Nice farmer's tan. Now I have to figure out a way to even that out. Crap. That's what I get for forgetting sunscreen at field day. Have I mentioned that I LOVE having pale skin? Yeah, it's pretty much the best.

On the bright side (not as bright as that arm though, holy cow), tomorrow is the last day of school, and my fam sent me a huge box of chocolate covered strawberries to celebrate that fact.

Oh, and I bought my tickets for Jack Johnson in August. :-) That's better than aloe.


Daily Affirmation.

I guess that means it's official. I wish it would've been a little more glittery, or on scented paper...or SOME thing. But for those of you who can't read the fine print, that's Magna Cum Laude suckas. At least it's better than when I graduated from community college where they spelled my name Whiteny. Appropriate given my pigmentation, however incorrect. So glad to be done with school...I almost feel like this...

Speaking of things completely unrelated, this is the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL and I've thought it was Thursday all day today. Also, it's May..somethingth...and it hardcore SNOWED this morning. I need the sunshine STAT.


i before e...always...

Okay, thanks to Mom & Dad and my birthday coming up, I'm getting Zumba certified!!!! To teach it that is. I've been going for a year and a half and haven't remotely come close to wanting to miss class, and unlike the first few months I went I can actually make it through a class without wanting to kill myself by the end of it, so I figured, meh, might as well get paid to work out, right? So there's a certification class close by in July soooo, there it is. Done.

Today sucked by the way. Rain. Cold. Serious behavior problems from the little runts. It should be Friday by now. It's only Tuesday. I think I'm going to take my stress out on the kitchen. It smells odd...

Favorite story from the week though (speaking of the little runts), they are pretty hilarious, mostly when they're not trying to be. We took a language arts quiz last week and they had to write the plural form of several different words. One of the words was box...(can anyone see where this is going?)
*Roll Brian Regan tape

Yes. One of them wrote "boxen." Thanks for that. It made my whole week last week.


The Woes of Facebook

I can't take it anymore. 5 things you just SHOULDN'T put as your facebook status. We all read them, and we all think...why?

1. An emotional outpouring expressing your heartbreak or rage, especially geared towards one person that we ALL know the person whom you are verbally slandering. Please take your vendetta elsewhere.

2. A daily count down of any type, especially when you start upwards of 100 (they make little countdown apps for that stuff, check it out, it's way less annoying).

3. A status decorated with ***, tYpE LiKe tHiS, in another language, ~*~, etc.

4. The same exact topic phrased 50 different ways. (No need to change it then, right?)

5. Anything too "deep". Write it in your journal.


Man Capris

Blegh. Please just don't. As if the skinny jeans weren't enough, now they've cropped them. As far as I'm concerned, this is not okay.

Anyways. I'm obsessed with limes lately. I want lime juice in EVERY thing: smoothies, drinks, enchiladas, salads, YUM-O. Maybe I have scurvy...But it led me to one of the BEST enchilada recipes I have EVER had. (Quite possibly because they have lime juice in the recipe). Check it:

Thank you Angela for your awesome enchiladas.

I keep telling myself if I get the house cleaned today I can take myself shopping. So far it's been an hour and all I've done is catch up on Grey's Anatomy on el couch. Hmm...what else can I find on hulu.com.....



It all happened after Shanti and I stuffed our faces full of California roll, Eel, Avacado, and after I finally gave up the chopsticks. We're sitting in Shanti's car talking about boys, (well she was venting) and from out of the corner of the parking lot...THERE SHE BLOWS!!

*insert Western show down music

So naturally I had to take a picture. I dared Shanti to touch it. She didn't.

Furthermore, James had knee surgery today. His knee is the size of a volleyball. My favorite part was when the nurse came in to shave his leg. I'm talking from like upper thigh to mid-calf. She didn't think it was awkward. Everyone else did. That's gonna hurt growing back, poor guy.


The United States of Offended

Don't you feel that's a more appropriate name some times??? GEEZ. Watch this:

Cinco de Mayo in America, is just May 5th

I'll keep my
political ranting to a minimum (I AM my mother's daughter). But HOLY COW! Here are a few things about my political stance:

1. Yes, come to America, it's an AMAZING place (though it does have it's problems), it's unlike any other country in the world. But please, do it LEGALLY.

2. I believe in getting filthy rich. If you work your butt off and then make millions because of it, right on.
That's awesome, not unfair.

3. The government trying to put its hand in all the cookie jars, so to speak, is not and will not ever be a good thing.

And lastly, I love this: