The Woes of Facebook

I can't take it anymore. 5 things you just SHOULDN'T put as your facebook status. We all read them, and we all think...why?

1. An emotional outpouring expressing your heartbreak or rage, especially geared towards one person that we ALL know the person whom you are verbally slandering. Please take your vendetta elsewhere.

2. A daily count down of any type, especially when you start upwards of 100 (they make little countdown apps for that stuff, check it out, it's way less annoying).

3. A status decorated with ***, tYpE LiKe tHiS, in another language, ~*~, etc.

4. The same exact topic phrased 50 different ways. (No need to change it then, right?)

5. Anything too "deep". Write it in your journal.

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