The United States of Offended

Don't you feel that's a more appropriate name some times??? GEEZ. Watch this:

Cinco de Mayo in America, is just May 5th

I'll keep my
political ranting to a minimum (I AM my mother's daughter). But HOLY COW! Here are a few things about my political stance:

1. Yes, come to America, it's an AMAZING place (though it does have it's problems), it's unlike any other country in the world. But please, do it LEGALLY.

2. I believe in getting filthy rich. If you work your butt off and then make millions because of it, right on.
That's awesome, not unfair.

3. The government trying to put its hand in all the cookie jars, so to speak, is not and will not ever be a good thing.

And lastly, I love this:


  1. HA!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I completely agree with everything you said. I for one, firmly believe that the sickness of "political correctness" will envelop this country. I saw the cinco de mayo thing on Bill O'Reilly, it is pathetic that would even happen.

  2. Whit, do you feel the same way about St. Patrick's day? ;) Hahaha!


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