Yes I think I will print that..

Opened up an email today from someone in the school district about district money or something (the topic is in no way relevant to my point), but at the bottom of the email I found something that I couldn't decide the emotion I felt towards it...it said:

Before printing, please consider the environment.

I began to wonder...is this talking about the email? Because the email was most definitely not important enough to print, or was this part of the lady's signature at the bottom where she also included phone and fax information (you know, important in a email signature). Either way...I did as she asked, I looked outside, considered how lovely of a day it was, and hit "print" (completely out of spite). If something is important enough to be printed, even HAS to be printed, what about the environment is to consider? This is on my computer. I need it to be on paper and not on my computer. Print. End of story. Environmental kooks...

Thing 2: Lace socks. Bought some. Love them. They're not as functional as they are cute, but they're cute...so when is that license to also need to be functional? They're the low cut ones to wear with like ballet flats. Sort of makes me feel like I'm wearing foot lingerie. And they come in different colors (got them at Journey's).

Speaking of footwear, I found some SUPER cute white and tan Sperry's for $39 bucks!! That's HALF off people. Needless to say, the Sperry Queen (aka my sister Michaela) was very pleased.

I'm exhausted. I took some Nyquil last night because sleep was not having it, but I think I'm having a Nyquil hangover...blegh.


I'd happily splurge on leather couches and high quality pizza

Furniture shopping...my new favorite thing. I'm in the market for a new couch/love seat. The one we have now is a sectional that we bought from ksl. It served us well, but now because we usually sit on the same to cushions, they're like dipping in the middle and getting somewhat flat..and if you sit where the pieces of the sectional come together...let's just say it's not very forgiving...It's pretty old..Anyway, we're looking around for another one. Something happens to my brain when I go into a furniture store though. I'm pretty frugal (or stingy) with spending money on most things, but a few things are a definite exception: clothes, shoes, school supplies, and apparently furniture. In my mind I have this argument with myself:

"Whoa...1000 bucks for a couch..that's quite a bit." "No seriously, think about, if you're dropping several hundred dollars anyway, you might as well splurge a little more to get something that you really want and will last a long time." "But for $1000?" "Yeah, no worries, your American Express card is in your wallet."

AH! We haven't picked one out yet (and we still have to save up a few more months), but I can't WAIT until we have a real house to buy LOTS of new furniture.

The other day I got a wicked craving for cheese and bread (a usual craving for me), so I made PIZZA! (P.s. best place in Utah County for pizza: Nicolitalias). Not just any pizza...the pizza with ALL of my favorite toppings. I hate when you go to a pizza place and you want like two or three of the pizzas combined because there's a little of what you like on each one. So unfair. But this one went like this: pesto, basil, spinach, artichoke hearts, chicken, and parmesan cheese. Ohohoh. Magic.

I'm really crossing my fingers that I'll be able to go home for spring break...my mom is supposed to let me know over the next day or two if it'll work out. Yesterday it was so WEIRD here. It was super sunny, ten minutes later it rained, then sunny, then SNOWED (like sideways snowed), then back to sunny again. March is so weird...My body was not built to withstand a)snow b)cold and c)bipolar weather.


I am a member of the chubby cheeks club

Ever feel so stressed you forgot what you're even stressed about? I feel like that. No clue why. I think I have some disorder where you feel like you have to be busy and doing something ALL the time, which I usually am, but now that I can't think of an actual reason to be stressed, IT STRESSES ME OUT. So weird.

I called my mom today to see what they were up to, and to tell the little brother happy birthday, and where were they? Walking down St. George street in St. Augustine with Kilwin's ice cream. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. My dad thought it would be somehow appropriate to keep sending me pictures from his phone of what they were doing- light house, the old fort, beach, AH! STOP! My mom offered to fly me down for Spring Break. Mixed feelings...James has to stay here because 1) BYU doesn't have a spring break (can we say...lame?) and 2) He's saving up vacation days for our trip this summer. So, I'd have to go to FL alone. So, can't decide if I should or not.

GO JAZZ! Last night me, James, Sarah, and Jon went to the Jazz v. Celtics game. Good game! I don't usually get into the games, but the Celtics were ahead the whole game until the third quarter and had a mega come back- then it got exciting. I was especially loving the noise makers they passed out.

I should go to bed now and STOP STRESSING OUT ABOUT NOTHING!!!


There's a name for this

I want to do quite a few things this summer. It might be too many things for the time I actually have, but I'd like to think I could knock out at least half my list. Here's the list (in no specific order):

..Take a photography class
..Pass the second half of the Praxis (required for teaching license)
..Kick off the wedding video biz
..Remodel the living room (including get a new couch and tv!!)
..Swim with dolphins!!! (in the works, going to discovery cove in FL, hopefully)
..Get a tan (highly unlikely)
..Finish reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (those of you who know me, knows it takes me FOR-EV-ER to finish books, but I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to..)
..Make James want to learn how to grill

Probably more, that's all I can think of at the moment. There are two things on my mind right now...
1. coconut and chocolate do NOT under ANY circumstances belong together (just saw an almond joy commercial, barf)
2. Florida is still better than BYU. I was really hoping to fly the Gator car flags today, but I thought it might have been a bit pompous considering they lost. Meanwhile, I'm graduating (from BYU..haha..next month! Awe to the some).

I'm feeling especially "listy" today...5 random things about James-
1. If sleeping were an olympic sport, he'd be a 5 time gold medalist.

2. He's the least pickiest eater on the planet. Human garbage disposal.

3. He speaks 3 languages (English, Spanish, Italian)

4. He loves shoes. Maybe more than me...

5. He's most definitely a kid at heart, but 95 year old in body (knee surgery in May)


Are those craisins in your greek salad?

Went to a job fair today for teachers at BYU. The highlight? Lunch. Love L&T Produce in the cougar eat. Something totally weird though? I got a greek salad wrap (you know, standard olives, feta, onions, chicken), but then they added...craisins? Craisins with olives? Can you see my concerns here? Surprisingly, it didn't suck. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty delicious.

I decided to do something I've never done before, mostly out of desperation and a preemptive to save myself any embarrassment in a few months. I used tan in a can. *shuns. It actually doesn't look bad on my legs, looks pretty "real". I'm just not going too dark..I just need a little color up on those things. Now my arms, that's a different story. Two funny things happened...

1. I didn't rub it in all the way on my left forearm, so it was totally splotchy the next day.
1a. I tried to fix it the next day...only got worse. Wore long sleeves for a few days.
2. Got distracted and forgot to wash my hands afterwards...oompa loompa hands for 2 days. Sick.

Could've been worse...Could've been like this:

Well technically I guess that's a sunburn. (P.S. love Will Ferrell). Reminds me of this one time at the beach I put sunscreen on my legs, but I must have had a glob on my hand and didn't really rub it in on my thighs, thus had actual finger and hand prints on my legs. *sigh. I totally relate to that two tone Will.

Oh back to my arms, they're better now. But I'm not going to use it on my arms anymore...hopefully my arms and legs won't be two different colors...now I'm a little nervous...


Never too much

Cure for obsession: get another one. -Mason Cooley

A few things I'm obsessed with:

Pearl jewelry

All things argyle


Soft Lips (thanks Denise!)

Grey's Anatomy


Downward facing...what?

My Saturday morning routine: wake up at 8am, get ready and head to Zumba at 9. Occasionally if I get to sleep early enough, I'll go to body sculpting at 8 and Zumba after. (Didn't get enough sleep though...we played Settlers of Catan until like midnight. Why is that game so addicting?!) Anyway, I decided today after Zumba I'd try something new..and that something new was this...

Will you just look at that for a moment. Oh. My. Gosh. Not for the weak or wimpy (me being both). At first it was hard to take it seriously, because the lights are off and there are just these little night lights in the studio, then the instructor tells you to close your eyes and breath through your nose, then do something nearly impossible. TOTALLY reminds me of a Brian Regan bit (note. I didn't make the video, but it's the only one on youtube I could find):

Back to this instructor. Her name is Misha. I bet she eats Kashi cereal. If you eat Kashi cereal and you haven't tried yoga, give it a try. You probably just found the void in your recycling, Birkenstock wearing life. ;-)

Who knows...I might try it again...(but Kashi ceral is gross. Don't even go there).



It snowed today. I would say it snowed cats and dogs, but that is clearly a rain reference, and this was no rain. It snowed the equivalent of cows and donkeys. Let us not forget, it is March. Spring? No. Not here. This is why I live for summer:

Sun. Water. Ridiculously cute babies in sun hats ;-) Wait...I live in Utah...won't be seeing much water so long as I'm land locked here. (That's Milly my niece by the way).

I'm feeling super crafty as of late...a rare occurrence...I think I'm going to make something to hang in the kitchen. I dunno what, and I'm not super artistic (I pretend sometimes). I'll delve into that tomorrow if I'm still feelin' it.

Yesterday I was completely alone. And by alone I meant my phone battery was dead as of 8am and I didn't get home until 7pm. You don't realize how much you rely on your phone for little things, a text there, a call there, even just knowing it IS there in case something happens, until there's no way you can use it. That sucked. Plus, I don't even have James' number memorized if I needed to call him (don't judge me. he just got a new number. and by just I mean he's had it since August, but I'm still getting the hang of it...801..857...0..5?.......). Love my contact list. The actual numbers I only have memorized:

1. Parents house
2. Aunt Erin's house
3. Mom's cell
4. A few other Lake Butler numbers because they all start with 496... (and by few I mean like maybe, MAYBE two more). That. Is. Sad.

I should work on that.



Ok just to get things started, here's what I have to say about the Bachelor.
1. Allie next season? Really? How long are they going to keep up this pattern?
2. Tenley is better off without Jake, he's an idiot.
3. Vienna is bipolarism waiting to happen. Not to mention her blond hair is totally fake and her eyes have weird gray circles around them..if that's makeup, someone please tell her to stop.
4. I care way too much about this whole situation.
Glad that's off my chest.

We took our 4th graders skiing today! You may think we're insane, risky, or just trying to knock some of them off and make it look like an accident. Answer: none of the above (except maybe the last one a little for a few..just kidding!). We went up to Sundance Ski Resort today and it was awesome!! About 5-6 students were in groups with a ski instructor who taught them the basics, then down the bunny hill they went! Man was that a sight to see...most of them caught on, but some of them can hardly walk in a straight line, let alone ski. One of the techniques (so I've learned) about skiing, most importantly stopping, is to bring the front of your skiis together, making a "pizza" slice. So when they started going way too fast and almost off the bunny hill down the steeper hill, you would hear from the top of the hill, "PIZZA! PPPIIIZZZAAAAA!!" Meanwhile, the kid who can't even hear the instructor is screaming back, "I CAN'T STOP, I CAN'T STOP!" Huh-lair-eeee-ous. I was really surprised though at how well most of them did, good job 4th grade. I was totally planning on skiing (well mostly just attempting to), but since I got sick over the weekend (yes, again.) I decided to sit it out. So instead I was able to get some pretty funny pictures/videos of the whole shebang. The whole sickness might have been a blessing in disguise because I would have looked absolutely retarded. I still think I should try before we move out of Utah though...

I'm making Cafe Rio's chicken tortilla soup for dinner. Just thought you should know. It smells friggin' delicious. I got the recipe here. Seriously it is yum-o. Try it. Super easy too. I also thought I needed something with a little spice to help clear up my sinuses. My nose is SO red I look like one of the claymation dolls on the Kleenex commercials. And because of that, my skin is so dry it's a little flaky, which at times can look like dried snot. So, if you see me, it's not dried snot, k?

Thank goodness it's March. I feel like we're technically out of winter now, which couldn't have happened sooner. Well, that's all that's on the brain at the moment.