Downward facing...what?

My Saturday morning routine: wake up at 8am, get ready and head to Zumba at 9. Occasionally if I get to sleep early enough, I'll go to body sculpting at 8 and Zumba after. (Didn't get enough sleep though...we played Settlers of Catan until like midnight. Why is that game so addicting?!) Anyway, I decided today after Zumba I'd try something new..and that something new was this...

Will you just look at that for a moment. Oh. My. Gosh. Not for the weak or wimpy (me being both). At first it was hard to take it seriously, because the lights are off and there are just these little night lights in the studio, then the instructor tells you to close your eyes and breath through your nose, then do something nearly impossible. TOTALLY reminds me of a Brian Regan bit (note. I didn't make the video, but it's the only one on youtube I could find):

Back to this instructor. Her name is Misha. I bet she eats Kashi cereal. If you eat Kashi cereal and you haven't tried yoga, give it a try. You probably just found the void in your recycling, Birkenstock wearing life. ;-)

Who knows...I might try it again...(but Kashi ceral is gross. Don't even go there).

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