There's a name for this

I want to do quite a few things this summer. It might be too many things for the time I actually have, but I'd like to think I could knock out at least half my list. Here's the list (in no specific order):

..Take a photography class
..Pass the second half of the Praxis (required for teaching license)
..Kick off the wedding video biz
..Remodel the living room (including get a new couch and tv!!)
..Swim with dolphins!!! (in the works, going to discovery cove in FL, hopefully)
..Get a tan (highly unlikely)
..Finish reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (those of you who know me, knows it takes me FOR-EV-ER to finish books, but I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to..)
..Make James want to learn how to grill

Probably more, that's all I can think of at the moment. There are two things on my mind right now...
1. coconut and chocolate do NOT under ANY circumstances belong together (just saw an almond joy commercial, barf)
2. Florida is still better than BYU. I was really hoping to fly the Gator car flags today, but I thought it might have been a bit pompous considering they lost. Meanwhile, I'm graduating (from BYU..haha..next month! Awe to the some).

I'm feeling especially "listy" today...5 random things about James-
1. If sleeping were an olympic sport, he'd be a 5 time gold medalist.

2. He's the least pickiest eater on the planet. Human garbage disposal.

3. He speaks 3 languages (English, Spanish, Italian)

4. He loves shoes. Maybe more than me...

5. He's most definitely a kid at heart, but 95 year old in body (knee surgery in May)

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