Are those craisins in your greek salad?

Went to a job fair today for teachers at BYU. The highlight? Lunch. Love L&T Produce in the cougar eat. Something totally weird though? I got a greek salad wrap (you know, standard olives, feta, onions, chicken), but then they added...craisins? Craisins with olives? Can you see my concerns here? Surprisingly, it didn't suck. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty delicious.

I decided to do something I've never done before, mostly out of desperation and a preemptive to save myself any embarrassment in a few months. I used tan in a can. *shuns. It actually doesn't look bad on my legs, looks pretty "real". I'm just not going too dark..I just need a little color up on those things. Now my arms, that's a different story. Two funny things happened...

1. I didn't rub it in all the way on my left forearm, so it was totally splotchy the next day.
1a. I tried to fix it the next day...only got worse. Wore long sleeves for a few days.
2. Got distracted and forgot to wash my hands afterwards...oompa loompa hands for 2 days. Sick.

Could've been worse...Could've been like this:

Well technically I guess that's a sunburn. (P.S. love Will Ferrell). Reminds me of this one time at the beach I put sunscreen on my legs, but I must have had a glob on my hand and didn't really rub it in on my thighs, thus had actual finger and hand prints on my legs. *sigh. I totally relate to that two tone Will.

Oh back to my arms, they're better now. But I'm not going to use it on my arms anymore...hopefully my arms and legs won't be two different colors...now I'm a little nervous...

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  1. You used tan in a can? F'real? Embrace the paste. Pale girls for life.


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