I am a member of the chubby cheeks club

Ever feel so stressed you forgot what you're even stressed about? I feel like that. No clue why. I think I have some disorder where you feel like you have to be busy and doing something ALL the time, which I usually am, but now that I can't think of an actual reason to be stressed, IT STRESSES ME OUT. So weird.

I called my mom today to see what they were up to, and to tell the little brother happy birthday, and where were they? Walking down St. George street in St. Augustine with Kilwin's ice cream. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. My dad thought it would be somehow appropriate to keep sending me pictures from his phone of what they were doing- light house, the old fort, beach, AH! STOP! My mom offered to fly me down for Spring Break. Mixed feelings...James has to stay here because 1) BYU doesn't have a spring break (can we say...lame?) and 2) He's saving up vacation days for our trip this summer. So, I'd have to go to FL alone. So, can't decide if I should or not.

GO JAZZ! Last night me, James, Sarah, and Jon went to the Jazz v. Celtics game. Good game! I don't usually get into the games, but the Celtics were ahead the whole game until the third quarter and had a mega come back- then it got exciting. I was especially loving the noise makers they passed out.

I should go to bed now and STOP STRESSING OUT ABOUT NOTHING!!!

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