raspberry pickin'

Friday afternoon we went raspberry pickin'- one of my favorite new traditions! And not a day too soon because it was the last day the farm was open for it! There is the cutest little briar patch in Mapleton, run by the cutest little old couple- they have a dog, and a porch swing, and I want to be them when I grow up, basically.

 ^Happy faces hunting for berries! Truth be told- getting out the door to drive to the farm wasn't this happy- it was one of those "WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES!?  I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO PEE- JUST GO PEE! GO TO THE CAR NOOOOOW OR ELSE..." moments and everyone was whining and crying. Fortunately (for everyone else at the farm), their mood improved significantly we when picked up my sister to join us, and even more so once we arrived.
Crisis averted. Hallelujah. 

 Last year when we went, Olivia pretty much just downed the berries as fast as she could pick them! This year I was surprised she just wanted to collect them in her bucket and didn't sneak any- she actually kept taking them out of my bucket just to add them to hers! She's also the perfect height to see the berries growing under most of the vines- so it worked out well.

 We also scored some pears while we were there that were mostly devoured on the way home- they were so ripe and delicious!

 The cute little couple told us to pick some of their wildflowers and take them home with us, which we happily did! Wildflowers are my favorite. 

I'm glad we could sneak in one of our favorite summer things just in the knick of time!

Now...bring on allllll the Halloween!