What the freak...

Weird things have been happening to me. Well, aside from the usual "weird" things that are supposed to happen during the whole gestation period stuff, like my rapidly expanding stomach, road map of a vein system, the appetite of a 350 lb. linebacker- normal. Get it. But lately other "weird" stuff has been happening too...like my dreams? I don't have baby dreams every night, but when I do have them, they are FREAKY.

Like last night for instance, I dreamed that I had the baby now (I can't remember the reason why but it seemed legit in my dream), and James got to hold her and stuff, but then we had to put her back in the little bubble/sack thing and stuff her back in "there" so she could finish cookin' and what not. But then a problem happened, the umbilical cord ripped in the process, so the "doctor" told us to clean it with peroxide, then paperclip it back together and it would heal once she was back "inside". Soooo that's what we did, and we pushed her back up on in there, and life was just dandy. Like I said, FREAKY.

I think my brain needs a vacation from baby stuff. But do you ever forget that you're pregnant? No. Aside from the physical and constant reminder that you are, I have like a bagillion checklists running through my head at any given moment, from baby shower invites and decorations, to registries, to everything green and leafy I should be eating but am not. Then there's also a list of another bagillion questions from "are you supposed to put diaper rash cream on every time you change a diaper?" to "is that pain normal?" to "what if she's not even cute?..I'll know if she's not even cute.."

Aye aye aye. I definitely need a mental vacation. Not to mention I forgot what it means to sleep through the night. I'm thinking that's probably an intentional thing your body does to start training itself for when she's actually born, and you won't be sleeping anyway.

This is more of a vent I guess. But I'm sure it all comes naturally and you figure it out as you go, and la la la. But until I get to that point and figure it out, I guess my checklists and questions and shopping lists will just keep on growing.

I wonder if James thinks about all this stuff...probably not. The other day somebody asked him what he was the most scared of (I said everything) and James said her first date. So I guess he's got what, 16 years to get over his fears? And I have, oh, 3 1/2 months.



Victory is sweet

Man. Friday was a good day to be the one of the only Gator fans at a school of like 600 melancholy Cougar fans. I did hang up my gator flag in my classroom window for all to see. :-) Some people were/are very confused that I wouldn't cheer for BYU in this one, seeing as how it's my alma mater and all...but I didn't go to BYU because of my undying devotion for their athletics program, nor did such passion develop while I was there...sooo...yes, Gators it still is, and will always be people.

The teacher next door had her class make a ton of "Go BYU" signs and plastered them all over my room after I left on Wednesday, so when I got there on Thursday (game day) it was overwhelmingly "Jimmered". My class got her back by all going into her classroom in the morning and making a circle around the room and doing the gator chomp (I love that little kids are so easily impressionable?). The taunting continued throughout the day by various teachers and students, which made our victory that much better the next day..muwahaha. It was a pretty intense game though, I'd be lying if I said I was completely confident the entire time that Florida would come out on top. Sooo thanks for not letting me down guys (maybe you could rub off on the football team next year? k thanks..).
Anyway, Friday when I got to school this was waiting on my desk for me:

Ah yes, victory is sweet.


Pizza and Curtains

Soo Jenn and Gordy came back to visit Utah this week. It was fun we got catch up a little bit over some delicious pizza at Este Pizzeria in Salt Lake. Which, by the way if you've never seen/heard of, I don't blame you because it's nearly impossible to find. It was pretty packed though, considering its sheer LACK of size. Pretty good though. Kind of reminds of Satchel's in Gainesville.

It was also our first time seeing Jack. What a cutie!!! He makes the most adorable faces/noises. He's definitely going to grow up to be a heart-breaker. He has this one bumble bee toy that's like a teething type toy, and goes absolutely crazy over it. Like it had to be in his mouth just the right way or he would FREAK.

And the crowning moment of the weekend that went by incredibly too fast- as they usually do- we FINALLY got around to hanging the curtains that I made! Seriously though, they sat hanging over the stair railing for at least a month.This is quite possibly the most domesticated thing I've ever done/will do. Not only did I have to borrow a sewing machine, I had to learn how to thread it, use it, and actually sew the dang things (courtesy of Kimber and ehow.com).

I love them!


Happy St. Fatty's Day

Oh. I mean St. PATTY'S Day. That's right.

22 weeks (just over 5 months). Going strong.

I'm really hoping that by this point people go, "Oh, there's probably something in there besides jelly donuts and seconds." After this picture I went on an "exercise" walk. My first time working out in 4 months.


I think I'm carrying "low," because that's usually where I feel her have her dance parties most of the time. But also when I was walking, well, waddling down the road she would move and it would mess up my walking rhythm because my pelvis was all SHIFT. Needless to say it took me an extra 30 minutes to get out of bed this morning. Can we saaaayyyy, shin splints?

It also makes me feel self-conscious to exercise in public, given my current weight. I suddenly get why obese people want to feel so secluded when it comes to wearing spandex pants and jogging shoes.

But I made it all better with cupcakes. I made these for my class tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day.

We're going to make these little leprechaun craft things and eat rainbow cupcakes. These things were a pain in the paTOOSK to make. I better get some serious "you're the coolest teacher ever" points.


Corruption of a 2 yr old

Okay I wouldn't really call it corruption...that's a strong word. We babysat Milly and Eliza last night so Ry and Kimber could go out on the town. 1) I don't think I can have two small kids at the same time, that's a lot of work. James took Eliza for most of the night and I ran around with Milly. But...what happens when a third one comes along? Who's supposed to be in charge of that one? Maybe now I see the point of the child leashes. Juuuusssstttt kidding.

2) We like teaching Milly things that will be hilarious. i.e. "What happens if you eat crayons?"

Yah, I recorded this the wrong way on my camera. I dunno how to flip it soooo..get over it.

I can't believe how much this girl TALKS! Her little sentences are so cute. She and I went downstairs to play on the keyboard after watching a few minutes of Strawberry Shortcake. She stopped banging on the keys and ran half way back up the stairs and hollered, "James you turned my movie off!" I guess the sounds of cheering sports fans and Strawberry Shortcake are different enough that a 2 yr old can recognize it. But by the time she finished walking up the stairs, James changed it back to her movie. She was really confused when she got to the top of the stairs. Haha!

We also decided to make fruit smoothies. I told her it was what Strawberry Shortcake drinks because it was pink. We were sitting at the bar and she took a big drink of hers, looked at me, clasped her hands together and said, "This is the BEST!"

It was a fun/exhausting night though. When Ryan and Kimber got back to pick them up, she decided it was James' birthday and that she would sing to him. Oh, it's not even close to James' birthday.

Adorable, no? :-)


Like wine and cheese

Happy Birthday Mom! She turned 49 today. 49?!? I seriously thought it was like 43...maybe 46...she holds her age well. I was talking to her today and she said today is the last time she's celebrating her birthday. I told her next year I'd send her a bouquet of black balloons. :-) But seriously, she is the most amazing woman I know.

Ten things I've learned from my Mom:
  1. Never underestimate the power of a good pedicure. Not only that, they're necessary- every month.
  2. Always use shortening when making chocolate chip cookies- butter makes them flat.
  3. Never gossip.
  4. You aren't above doing anything and everybody can "stand in a bucket of crap" for just a little while.
  5. Be frugal, even if you don't need to be. Off-brand is usually just as good as name brand.
  6. It's okay to miss things like school every once in a while for some retail therapy.
  7. Chocolate has 0 calories if it's consumed with friends.
  8. Family is THE most important thing.
  9. You're never too busy to help another person.
  10. If you don't know something, ask your Mom. More than likely, she knows.


Thank you for spilling beer down my back

you crazy drunken sports fan- now I have to wash that jacket. Probably not the best idea to show up for work as the pregnant teacher with beer stained perfume.

Buuuutt the Jazz game was still fun. We usually make it to one or two a season. Bless James' little broken Jazz loving heart, the Jazz just weren't having it this year. But last night they actually played pretty well. They hung in there with the Celtics until like the last 2 minutes. Bummer.

So one of my favorite things to get at a Jazz game (or any sporting event really) is a churro. Why is that so much easier to type than say? I really suck at rolling my R's. Have I ever mentioned James' family tells me to say certain words just to hear me say them? They say it's "cute"...they laugh about later I'm sure. ANYWAY. CHURROS are amazing.

I didn't get a churro. I saw chocolate chip mint ice cream passing me by, and wanted that instead, oh and a large order of fries with fry sauce. It was equally as satisfying as the churro though. This was all after a full bbq dinner by the way.
Aye aye aye. I am a human garbage disposal.

I feel neither guilt nor shame. My pants are stretchy. HAH.