Corruption of a 2 yr old

Okay I wouldn't really call it corruption...that's a strong word. We babysat Milly and Eliza last night so Ry and Kimber could go out on the town. 1) I don't think I can have two small kids at the same time, that's a lot of work. James took Eliza for most of the night and I ran around with Milly. But...what happens when a third one comes along? Who's supposed to be in charge of that one? Maybe now I see the point of the child leashes. Juuuusssstttt kidding.

2) We like teaching Milly things that will be hilarious. i.e. "What happens if you eat crayons?"

Yah, I recorded this the wrong way on my camera. I dunno how to flip it soooo..get over it.

I can't believe how much this girl TALKS! Her little sentences are so cute. She and I went downstairs to play on the keyboard after watching a few minutes of Strawberry Shortcake. She stopped banging on the keys and ran half way back up the stairs and hollered, "James you turned my movie off!" I guess the sounds of cheering sports fans and Strawberry Shortcake are different enough that a 2 yr old can recognize it. But by the time she finished walking up the stairs, James changed it back to her movie. She was really confused when she got to the top of the stairs. Haha!

We also decided to make fruit smoothies. I told her it was what Strawberry Shortcake drinks because it was pink. We were sitting at the bar and she took a big drink of hers, looked at me, clasped her hands together and said, "This is the BEST!"

It was a fun/exhausting night though. When Ryan and Kimber got back to pick them up, she decided it was James' birthday and that she would sing to him. Oh, it's not even close to James' birthday.

Adorable, no? :-)


  1. Whit! How do you change your blog title in your blog. I can't figure out how to do just the title! Ha I love following your blog

  2. ummm it's somewhere in the design settings, i think under like "advanced" settings in the template designer maybe..


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