Happy St. Fatty's Day

Oh. I mean St. PATTY'S Day. That's right.

22 weeks (just over 5 months). Going strong.

I'm really hoping that by this point people go, "Oh, there's probably something in there besides jelly donuts and seconds." After this picture I went on an "exercise" walk. My first time working out in 4 months.


I think I'm carrying "low," because that's usually where I feel her have her dance parties most of the time. But also when I was walking, well, waddling down the road she would move and it would mess up my walking rhythm because my pelvis was all SHIFT. Needless to say it took me an extra 30 minutes to get out of bed this morning. Can we saaaayyyy, shin splints?

It also makes me feel self-conscious to exercise in public, given my current weight. I suddenly get why obese people want to feel so secluded when it comes to wearing spandex pants and jogging shoes.

But I made it all better with cupcakes. I made these for my class tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day.

We're going to make these little leprechaun craft things and eat rainbow cupcakes. These things were a pain in the paTOOSK to make. I better get some serious "you're the coolest teacher ever" points.

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