Victory is sweet

Man. Friday was a good day to be the one of the only Gator fans at a school of like 600 melancholy Cougar fans. I did hang up my gator flag in my classroom window for all to see. :-) Some people were/are very confused that I wouldn't cheer for BYU in this one, seeing as how it's my alma mater and all...but I didn't go to BYU because of my undying devotion for their athletics program, nor did such passion develop while I was there...sooo...yes, Gators it still is, and will always be people.

The teacher next door had her class make a ton of "Go BYU" signs and plastered them all over my room after I left on Wednesday, so when I got there on Thursday (game day) it was overwhelmingly "Jimmered". My class got her back by all going into her classroom in the morning and making a circle around the room and doing the gator chomp (I love that little kids are so easily impressionable?). The taunting continued throughout the day by various teachers and students, which made our victory that much better the next day..muwahaha. It was a pretty intense game though, I'd be lying if I said I was completely confident the entire time that Florida would come out on top. Sooo thanks for not letting me down guys (maybe you could rub off on the football team next year? k thanks..).
Anyway, Friday when I got to school this was waiting on my desk for me:

Ah yes, victory is sweet.

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