Thank you for spilling beer down my back

you crazy drunken sports fan- now I have to wash that jacket. Probably not the best idea to show up for work as the pregnant teacher with beer stained perfume.

Buuuutt the Jazz game was still fun. We usually make it to one or two a season. Bless James' little broken Jazz loving heart, the Jazz just weren't having it this year. But last night they actually played pretty well. They hung in there with the Celtics until like the last 2 minutes. Bummer.

So one of my favorite things to get at a Jazz game (or any sporting event really) is a churro. Why is that so much easier to type than say? I really suck at rolling my R's. Have I ever mentioned James' family tells me to say certain words just to hear me say them? They say it's "cute"...they laugh about later I'm sure. ANYWAY. CHURROS are amazing.

I didn't get a churro. I saw chocolate chip mint ice cream passing me by, and wanted that instead, oh and a large order of fries with fry sauce. It was equally as satisfying as the churro though. This was all after a full bbq dinner by the way.
Aye aye aye. I am a human garbage disposal.

I feel neither guilt nor shame. My pants are stretchy. HAH.

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