I'm obsessed with all things baby. Friday night I made James go to Babies R Us with me just to look around. Aye aye aye. I'm turning into one of those people!!! Oh well. I'll embrace it. What I'm not so much a fan of though (speaking of looking at baby stuff) is like all the typical "baby" pink stuff- like ABC blocks, teddy bears, cartoon pacifiers and baby bottles, getting a visual? Okay that's what I'm not a fan of. I do love some pink, just not when it's plastered with typical "baby print."

Sooo for the future nursery colors I decided to just skip pink altogether. It's going to be black, white, and lavender. I'm going for more of a chic look. Anyway, I made a couple things to decorate with over the long weekend (see? obsessed..). It was fun/easy to do. Yay for cute things :-)

I'm excited to put it all up on the wall, but that won't happen for several more months. Oh, and there better not be like a "Oh....this is actually a boy" news happening at the next ultrasound in a few weeks.


  1. beautiful name! :)

    i am with you on the not pink, although i am getting more used to it the more pink things show up at our house. :) (we got lots of handmedowns and OHMYGOSH so much pink) and we decided to go with greens and browns to temper our raspberryish pink theme--so i'm with you.

    i just wanted to chime in and say, besides SUPERCUTE, that if you want clothes that look like real clothes and not like peptobismol threw up all over it, check out carters. they have them at jcpenney and at carters outlets everywhere. they have real colors (i actually got a green dress! green! and then i bought pink plaid...but green!) and normal things that look like what real girls wear. plus, once the girls get a little bit older, the colors become less obnoxious and more normal.

    i'm waiting for that day too, believe me. :)

  2. you think shopping for girl stuff is hard? try buying cute stuff for boys. everything, and i mean everything has a dinosaur, octopus, or a baseball bat on it. haha


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