I'm sorry, I can't afford a Ferrari

18 weeks (and a couple days). 18 weeks ago I could fit into my jeans...my skinny jeans...now my fat jeans (jeans that were like 2 sizes too big and I hardly ever wore because of it) are a bit snug. YIKES! Which makes me wonder...why do I own jeans that are 2 sizes too big? I must not have too much faith in my ability to refrain from ice cream. That's embarrassing.

Not the best angle. Not the best picture. This might be a developing trend for a while.

Speaking of being "with child" ..hmm..like 3 things came to mind just then. Calls for some bullet-ing.
  • I get annoyed by pregnant people who talk about being pregnant ALL the time. So I promise whenever I talk about it, I'll be straight. No sugar coating. Sugar coating is boring.
  • My Mom got mad at me for posting on facebook that I could feel her start to move. Haha. Love you Mommers!
  • Why do they always compare your fetus to some type of produce? Seriously. "This week your baby is the size of a raisin." "This week your baby is the size of an apricot!" ...I'm sorry...is an apricot a common enough fruit that we all know roughly what size it is? "This week your baby is the size of an apple!" Great. They're slowly taking away foods I feel comfortable eating. I can't bite into my cold and crunchy apple while thinking-wow- my baby is the same size as this! Then I just picture eating my baby. And that's just nasty. So I would appreciate some different form of comparison please.

OH MAN! Best news EVER. I saw a commercial for this stuff.
Apparently it's dry shampoo that tricks your hair into thinking it's been washed. It's like a spray that is supposed to absorb the oil or something, which means you don't have to wash your hair as much. And we all know, it's not the washing that's the problem. It's all the work that comes AFTER that...blow drying...styling...eghick. How many times a week do you think I can get away with just using this stuff instead of actually washing my hair? :-)
In other news. This week has been eternal. I think it was because Valentine's Day was on a Monday, which meant we started off the school week with a party. Bad idea. Every morning I almost over sleep because my brain is convinced it should be Saturday. Plus we have these AMAZING sheets on our bed right now- I'm not sure what they're even made out of, some cotton blend probably- but they're SO soft and SO warm and make it nearly impossible to get out of bed. I dunno when people starting using bed sheets, or if that's just one of those things that's been around forever, but it was a fabulous idea.

Alright. Let's just make it to Friday. Three day weekend haleluuuuuujah. In the mean time, I'll keep listening to this song over and over...it might be my new fav.


  1. i feel like i have turned into one of those people who only talk about being pregnant and it makes me nuts, but there's something TREMENDOUSLY OVERWHELMING about the fact that it's so soon, and also all the stuff that comes with it, that i feel like that's all i think about.

    so when my husband tells me i'm a good pregnant person, i look at him like he's CRAZYTOWN because "hello, do i not just harp on this all the time?" but apparently i don't, which is exciting. it's all in my mind.

    so mainly i just wanted to say: sorry, on behalf of all of us who know we are annoying but would like to be better. sometimes it's just hard. (and sometimes this is why i can't come up with a facebook status--because it'll be something about babytown, and nobody cares.)

  2. haha!! No your statuses are funny and that isn't annoying. (-:

  3. Whitney you are hilarious. I love your randomness. I'm so excited for you!!


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