Whoa, oh, oh, she's a lady

So if you've never taken a gander at etsy.com 1) you're welcome and 2) how's your checking account? Because if I keep finding stuff as adorable as this...

mine is in for a beating. :) Those were ordered today because oh, IT'S A GIRL!

Quite funny actually. So this whole time everybody has been pretty convinced it would be a he. I even started believing it. I told James that I wouldn't be surprised if it was a boy, but I would be surprised if it was a girl, not to say I thought I was convinced it was a boy. ...following?

So we go to the doctor yesterday to find out. First of all it was crazy COOL to see how much bigger it had gotten since the little bean sprout it started out as. It has a brain...it has a spine...it MOVES! Annnnddd it also took about 30 minutes to get a solid "crotch shot" because it's...I guess I should start referring to "it" as "she"...HER legs were not only crossed, but they were pulled up by her belly AND the cord was between her knobby little knees. ...Naughty child. So after much poking, jiggling, rolling, etc. There it was...well, there it was NOT. I believe it went like this:

Jay the tech: "See that line there, and that line there, and that slit there?"
Me: "Yeah?" ...thinking...are we still looking at the butt? I thought that was the head...
Jay the tech: "Those are the labia"
Me: "Labia...that's....those are girl parts...it's a girl!!!"
Jay the tech: "Yeah boys so don't have those. Plus if it's a boy, it's one sad little boy."

Anyway. We were pretty shocked. I think it took a little while to sink in with James, but we're totally stoked. I had to go buy a few outfits today just to celebrate finding out. Aaahh let the shopping begin. Baby clothes are way more fun to buy than clothes for yourself, because they're like teeny tiny.

I'll put up ultra sound pics as soon as I get enough motivation/energy to scan them. But that's all the way downstairs and requires using James MASSIVE monitor. Seriously, it's like huge and compared to the MacBook it's like watching an IMAX.


  1. HOORAY for girls!

    just wait...you'll get SO MANY clothes. but i had to go out and buy some cute girl stuff too, just to make it sink in. my reaction was very much like yours.

  2. So excited for you! And yes...it really is the most miraculous thing to get a glimpse of it growing inside of you!


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