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One of the best times of the year, if you ask me! 

This year we strayed from the tradition of trick-or-treating with some of our good friends in their parents' neighborhood (which is basically Halloweentown), to see what our new neighborhood was like! The girls had fun going around our neighborhood and got a ridiculous amount of candy. Towards the end, Olivia was asking to go home and go to bed!
The week of Halloween we changed our minds about costumes like three times. Every year I tell myself I won't procrastinate on costumes...I'm not sure why I keep lying to myself like that. Procrastination is just part of my DNA. But we finally settled on super heroes. I was pretty proud of my "super tired" idea, complete with sleeping mask. ;-)
^The cutest little heroines I ever did see!

There were a few houses with legitimately freaky moving/talking things on their porch. Jillian walked up to this porch and that zombie doctor thing (in the right corner) started talking and moving its arm in a stabbing motion. Then she was all "nope" and ran away- if I would have snapped this picture two seconds later you would have seen the mortified look on her face!
Though, the thing she was scared of most (and still is...) was actually MY fault! The night before Halloween we had a spooky dinner with my siblings (complete with feet loaf!) and I decided it would be a good idea to put on the Thriller music video so we could dance to it. It had been years since I'd actually watched it--and oops--it's terrifying for little kids! I think Olivia has since forgotten it, but Jillian has been requesting classical music to play while she falls asleep so she doesn't think of the "scary werewolf with yellow eyes." 
Maybe when you're 12, kid.