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When we moved into our townhouse three years ago, everything was TAN. Like, everything. It didn't really lend itself well to my current style, so we've  I've repainted every single room in the house minus two bathrooms and the office (1 out of the 3 isn't tan, and the 2 that are tan aren't an offensive orangey shade of tan, so it'll likely stay). 

Years ago I saw something on HGTV once that said when you walk from room to room in your house, it shouldn't feel like you're walking into an entirely new house with each room. It changed my life. In other words, the colors should flow and your paint colors should compliment one another. This will keep a relaxing feeling in your home, no matter what your color palette is. If you walk into a room and instantly feel jarred, it may be a sign that color doesn't jive well with the rest of your house. I've really been keeping that in the back of my mind as I've gone through and updated my very tan house from top to bottom. 

Not to mention, updating with paint is relatively easy and cheap! So here is my current paint palette:

I hate the way paint colors show up online- turns out they aren't very close to what they look like on the wall! (this is especially true for the White Dove color, which looks creamy here but it isn't- it's like, whitey white in real life). Quietude is also a lot more blue than green. Ah well. At least you get an idea. 

I like to use the neutrals in larger areas and then bring in other colors with the decor. The color colors are in smaller areas or accent walls, but that's really just personal preference. Here's a breakdown:

A good way to get started with creating a whole house palette is to check out the paint manufacturers website- like Valspar, Benjamin Moore, etc. Once you choose a color,  they suggest other colors to go along with your color you picked. It's nice to see the color compared to others so you can see if the color has undertones (a color in the paint that you may not see initially- like how sometimes blue can have bits of green in it, or gray can have bits of brown). 

Undertones are super important! They can really make or break the overall cohesiveness of your home. For example, I have brown carpet and brown wood flooring, but I LOVE gray walls (which is super trendy right now with gray toned wood floors or carpet). So how did I get both? I chose a gray paint with brown undertones to tie it all together. Wah-lah. It's like magic. (There's a good article about undertones here).

A few examples from mi casa-

HGTV Home paint at Lowe's also has a display set up of all of their coordinating colors grouped into cute little house shapes! That way you can instantly determine what group of colors best suits you. The one I fell in love with was "coastal cool", which mimics a lot of the colors above.

You can also use palettes like this to incorporate the entire decor of a room- not just paint! You may hate a shade of yellow on the wall, but love it on a throw pillow. Am I a total nerd for thinking stuff like this is FUN? Probably. But it totally is. I get giddy over it.

Happy cohesive palette deciding! :-p


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  2. Nice color combination...I'm thinking of a similar one because we have a lot of beige and brown in granite etc. that we can't swap out so....going w/ grays that have a beige/brown undertone. Hoping (fingers crossed) that Classic Gray BM to replace the 10 year old Carrington Beige BM on the wall won't be too drastic. Thinking Alabaster SW or Dover White SW trim and kitchen cabs with SW peppercorn accent cabinets and accent wall. Sea Salt SW and Comfort Gray SW on walls in powder room, kitchen nook. SO similar to your plan. Hope yours came out well!

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