Nouveau! Is that french? Definitely not Spanish.

Since when do they put things in French on boxes and not Spanish? In the same size as the English even! Either way...

These thingers are amaza-zing and have changed my life. Sometimes I just stick them up my nose and leave them there for a solid 30 seconds. It's like your nostrils are going skiing in the Alps. Fantastic.

Not so fantastic: sore throat, headache, congested and not being able to take jack crap for it. I just want some Nyquil soooooo baaaaaddddd. Will it really give my kid brain damage? Blegh. I had to check three times to see what day is was today. Somehow I just wasn't buyin' Wednesday. Probably best I don't take the Nyquil then.

This weekend (if I survive until then) should be fun. Interesting to say the least. I'm giving my living room a makeover and attempting to make some curtains. Like, make them. With a sewing machine. ehow.com knows everything. Which is convenient because every button I've ever sewed on has fallen off two weeks later. I'm just worried about sewing in a straight line mostly. How are you supposed to tell when you're sewing something as long as a curtain panel? Maybe I should just pay somebody to do. ...I get that trait from my father.

Anyway. Daytime TV sucks. Nap time.

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  1. trust me when i tell you that curtain panels are an awesome initiation into sewing. when you feed the long stretch of fabric through the sewing machine, just pay attention to where it is on your little guide next to the needle. most of the time, they have some lines there that you can use to eyeball how straight you're going. and no one--and i mean no one--will be able to tell if you're a little off. the other option is to pin your hem. DON'T sew over the pins (take them out as you get to them), but they will keep you going straight as well.

    it'll be good. post pictures when you're finished! (also, you'll probably want to make stuff for the baby once you get started, and straight lines are good. :))


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