Black Betty

I think I'm developing an emotional attachment to my car. This makes me think two things. 1. I am crazy. 2. I am most definitely prego. But seriously. I went to get it washed today (the darn thing doesn't stay clean for more than 2 days) and started thinking about everything that has happened in, around, or because of that thing. So. Some random facts/memories about my car:

-It wasn't my first. That tribute goes to the Shan Van. It's the second. Started driving it when my Mom got a new car.

-I got pulled over 4 times in that car. Resulted in one $250 speeding ticket. Hey, that's pretty good odds.

-One time I hit a buzzard. Let me rephrase. The vulture (practically a vulture) flew into my car at 65 mph. Resulting in a cracked rain guard on my left window and a knocked off side mirror. Needless to say I reran over the bird just to make sure it was dead.

-The right headlight is clear and shiny and the left is cloudy and old (previous car accident, and only car accident for that matter).

-Lots of girl talk and boy hating has taken place in that car.

-There's a fig newton under one of the seats that I just can't reach. It's "best buy" date I'm sure is long gone.

-All my CD's from high school are still under the seat.

-For our first Valentine's Day when James and I were dating we put the backseats down and watched a movie on my laptop in the back with a fort of blankets. Awesome.

-It has 158,000 miles on it. I'm takin' it to 250,000. Yeeahhh buddy.

-Many a trip to the beach have been taken in that car.

-Cruising with my college roomies thinking we were ssoooo cool.

-I've driven it in about 20 states.

-It currently has three different airfreshners hanging from the rear view- a Hawaiian lei, a turtle, and a pine tree, none of which have any smell left.

-It's been saran wrapped. More than once.

-There's a pair of flip flops under the passenger seat. Never know when you might need your flops. Well..not so much this time in Utah, but now it's habit.

Yup. I'm a fan of my car.

Oh, and it isn't called Black Betty. It doesn't have a name. It also isn't black. But I love that song.

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