Pizza and Curtains

Soo Jenn and Gordy came back to visit Utah this week. It was fun we got catch up a little bit over some delicious pizza at Este Pizzeria in Salt Lake. Which, by the way if you've never seen/heard of, I don't blame you because it's nearly impossible to find. It was pretty packed though, considering its sheer LACK of size. Pretty good though. Kind of reminds of Satchel's in Gainesville.

It was also our first time seeing Jack. What a cutie!!! He makes the most adorable faces/noises. He's definitely going to grow up to be a heart-breaker. He has this one bumble bee toy that's like a teething type toy, and goes absolutely crazy over it. Like it had to be in his mouth just the right way or he would FREAK.

And the crowning moment of the weekend that went by incredibly too fast- as they usually do- we FINALLY got around to hanging the curtains that I made! Seriously though, they sat hanging over the stair railing for at least a month.This is quite possibly the most domesticated thing I've ever done/will do. Not only did I have to borrow a sewing machine, I had to learn how to thread it, use it, and actually sew the dang things (courtesy of Kimber and ehow.com).

I love them!

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