I'd happily splurge on leather couches and high quality pizza

Furniture shopping...my new favorite thing. I'm in the market for a new couch/love seat. The one we have now is a sectional that we bought from ksl. It served us well, but now because we usually sit on the same to cushions, they're like dipping in the middle and getting somewhat flat..and if you sit where the pieces of the sectional come together...let's just say it's not very forgiving...It's pretty old..Anyway, we're looking around for another one. Something happens to my brain when I go into a furniture store though. I'm pretty frugal (or stingy) with spending money on most things, but a few things are a definite exception: clothes, shoes, school supplies, and apparently furniture. In my mind I have this argument with myself:

"Whoa...1000 bucks for a couch..that's quite a bit." "No seriously, think about, if you're dropping several hundred dollars anyway, you might as well splurge a little more to get something that you really want and will last a long time." "But for $1000?" "Yeah, no worries, your American Express card is in your wallet."

AH! We haven't picked one out yet (and we still have to save up a few more months), but I can't WAIT until we have a real house to buy LOTS of new furniture.

The other day I got a wicked craving for cheese and bread (a usual craving for me), so I made PIZZA! (P.s. best place in Utah County for pizza: Nicolitalias). Not just any pizza...the pizza with ALL of my favorite toppings. I hate when you go to a pizza place and you want like two or three of the pizzas combined because there's a little of what you like on each one. So unfair. But this one went like this: pesto, basil, spinach, artichoke hearts, chicken, and parmesan cheese. Ohohoh. Magic.

I'm really crossing my fingers that I'll be able to go home for spring break...my mom is supposed to let me know over the next day or two if it'll work out. Yesterday it was so WEIRD here. It was super sunny, ten minutes later it rained, then sunny, then SNOWED (like sideways snowed), then back to sunny again. March is so weird...My body was not built to withstand a)snow b)cold and c)bipolar weather.

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