Ok just to get things started, here's what I have to say about the Bachelor.
1. Allie next season? Really? How long are they going to keep up this pattern?
2. Tenley is better off without Jake, he's an idiot.
3. Vienna is bipolarism waiting to happen. Not to mention her blond hair is totally fake and her eyes have weird gray circles around them..if that's makeup, someone please tell her to stop.
4. I care way too much about this whole situation.
Glad that's off my chest.

We took our 4th graders skiing today! You may think we're insane, risky, or just trying to knock some of them off and make it look like an accident. Answer: none of the above (except maybe the last one a little for a few..just kidding!). We went up to Sundance Ski Resort today and it was awesome!! About 5-6 students were in groups with a ski instructor who taught them the basics, then down the bunny hill they went! Man was that a sight to see...most of them caught on, but some of them can hardly walk in a straight line, let alone ski. One of the techniques (so I've learned) about skiing, most importantly stopping, is to bring the front of your skiis together, making a "pizza" slice. So when they started going way too fast and almost off the bunny hill down the steeper hill, you would hear from the top of the hill, "PIZZA! PPPIIIZZZAAAAA!!" Meanwhile, the kid who can't even hear the instructor is screaming back, "I CAN'T STOP, I CAN'T STOP!" Huh-lair-eeee-ous. I was really surprised though at how well most of them did, good job 4th grade. I was totally planning on skiing (well mostly just attempting to), but since I got sick over the weekend (yes, again.) I decided to sit it out. So instead I was able to get some pretty funny pictures/videos of the whole shebang. The whole sickness might have been a blessing in disguise because I would have looked absolutely retarded. I still think I should try before we move out of Utah though...

I'm making Cafe Rio's chicken tortilla soup for dinner. Just thought you should know. It smells friggin' delicious. I got the recipe here. Seriously it is yum-o. Try it. Super easy too. I also thought I needed something with a little spice to help clear up my sinuses. My nose is SO red I look like one of the claymation dolls on the Kleenex commercials. And because of that, my skin is so dry it's a little flaky, which at times can look like dried snot. So, if you see me, it's not dried snot, k?

Thank goodness it's March. I feel like we're technically out of winter now, which couldn't have happened sooner. Well, that's all that's on the brain at the moment.


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