It snowed today. I would say it snowed cats and dogs, but that is clearly a rain reference, and this was no rain. It snowed the equivalent of cows and donkeys. Let us not forget, it is March. Spring? No. Not here. This is why I live for summer:

Sun. Water. Ridiculously cute babies in sun hats ;-) Wait...I live in Utah...won't be seeing much water so long as I'm land locked here. (That's Milly my niece by the way).

I'm feeling super crafty as of late...a rare occurrence...I think I'm going to make something to hang in the kitchen. I dunno what, and I'm not super artistic (I pretend sometimes). I'll delve into that tomorrow if I'm still feelin' it.

Yesterday I was completely alone. And by alone I meant my phone battery was dead as of 8am and I didn't get home until 7pm. You don't realize how much you rely on your phone for little things, a text there, a call there, even just knowing it IS there in case something happens, until there's no way you can use it. That sucked. Plus, I don't even have James' number memorized if I needed to call him (don't judge me. he just got a new number. and by just I mean he's had it since August, but I'm still getting the hang of it...801..857...0..5?.......). Love my contact list. The actual numbers I only have memorized:

1. Parents house
2. Aunt Erin's house
3. Mom's cell
4. A few other Lake Butler numbers because they all start with 496... (and by few I mean like maybe, MAYBE two more). That. Is. Sad.

I should work on that.

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