i before e...always...

Okay, thanks to Mom & Dad and my birthday coming up, I'm getting Zumba certified!!!! To teach it that is. I've been going for a year and a half and haven't remotely come close to wanting to miss class, and unlike the first few months I went I can actually make it through a class without wanting to kill myself by the end of it, so I figured, meh, might as well get paid to work out, right? So there's a certification class close by in July soooo, there it is. Done.

Today sucked by the way. Rain. Cold. Serious behavior problems from the little runts. It should be Friday by now. It's only Tuesday. I think I'm going to take my stress out on the kitchen. It smells odd...

Favorite story from the week though (speaking of the little runts), they are pretty hilarious, mostly when they're not trying to be. We took a language arts quiz last week and they had to write the plural form of several different words. One of the words was box...(can anyone see where this is going?)
*Roll Brian Regan tape

Yes. One of them wrote "boxen." Thanks for that. It made my whole week last week.

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