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Soo I dunno if it's Spring, or the baby, or the fact that there's 5 weeks of school left...but I have been ridiculously ANTSY for summer. I think June will be the best month ever (aside from the obvious woes...I'll get to that...)- completely on my own schedule, getting the final prep done for said baby to arrive, and as much time as I want to get crafty. I have an overwhelming urge to just "do". (I think that might be from the whole baby thing). Anyway, I went a lil crazy over the weekend getting, doing, and planning crafts and decorative things for around mi casa.

Oh, I also blame my new found love for the website pinterest.com. HOLY COW. I could spend HOURS just browsing (I thank you for that, Aleksi).

Here are a few things I'm CRAZY for right now...

Painted Vases

Mason Jars

DIY projects...like this adorably creative magnetic makeup board

Rosette fabric flowers

All things gray+white+yellow

Love. Love. LOVE.

Oh, so pregnancy woes. Woe is me. Woe is me for having to run to my car in the pouring rain with a cart full of groceries and a belly full of baby. That was a sight I'm sure.

Nobody ever tells you the REAL story of the third trimester. Oh, happy third trimester to me, by the way, as of today. I mean, I'm sure they would if you asked. But it's not the stuff you usually hear about. Maybe because other things are happening, like the baby shower, all the preparations, other what nots. Let me just share with you a little list of all of the "physical symptoms" one experiences in the third trimester of babyness.

(Brought to you by whattoexpect.com) Backaches, shortness of breath, Braxton Hicks contractions, sciatic nerve pain, weight gain, heartburn,
spider veins, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, frequent urination, weight gain, increase in stretch marks, abdominal pain on one or both sides, harder and more frequent kicks from the baby, swelling in feet, legs, hands, or face, and a few other "personal" things I'll spare you the agony of reading.

Good thing Mother's Day is coming up. Go call your mother and tell her how awesome she is for doing all of that for you.

(Don't get me wrong..I'm super stoked for the mini-me to make her appearance and be ridiculously adorable. But right now, it's hard to think of things like that when I'm starting to have a hard time seeing my feet...let me have my moment.)

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