Scrabble Art

A little more DIY lovin'.

Today was unusually stressful, so I found myself at JoAnn's getting craft supplies for another endless list of stuff I want to do. I really should finish one list before I start another...

I saw a cute idea for Scrabble art and decided to do something like it. All you need:
picture frame
hot glue
fabric or scrapbook paper to fit the frame
scrabble letters

Start by hot gluing the mat of the frame to the fabric or paper. If it's fabric, make sure it's pulled tight.

Hot glue Scrabble letters on one at a time (after you've stolen them when your husband's not looking from that board game you never play).

Put the matting back into the frame, minus the glass- it won't fit, and it looks better anyway.

Ahh..stress relief.

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