the epitome of PERVE

What the heck is the deal with mustaches everywhere???

I don't mean on people's faces either- I mean, there are plenty o' those nasty things out there too, but I mean the current trend in other "mustachey" things, like as decor, t-shirt decals, party favors, and....cupcake toppers?

g to the ross.

Seriously...what are the first three things that come to your mind when you see a mustache? Mine?
1. Leftover food crumbs
2. Hairy tongues
3. Dry lips..blegh

Nothing good. The chances of me not liking you significantly increase if you have a mustache, based pretty much on that reason alone. It just needs to be said.

Mmmm...yeah can't leave the topic yet. So I get if you have a mustache in addition to other facial hair, you know, where it's all connected and what not. Even different variations, like a full out beard (still gross, but at least acceptable), or those little tiny beards just around the mouth- whatever those are called- even those facial hair "outlines" people do (I seriously give them props for their trim work), I get it. But a plain old mustache by itself? Don't. Just don't.

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