Didn't get called up.

Rapture weekend. It's all the rage. James and I are still here though...bummer.
But my Mom has yet to text me back today???
Now I'm suspicious. ;-)
She would.

We had a fun time celebrating the fake end of the world though. Well, we didn't purposely go out to celebrate that, but it wouldn't have been a bad way to end things. We went to this AMAZING Italian restaurant in downtown Salt Lake called
Cucina Toscana.
Holy smokes! If you have lots of money you don't mind dropping on absolutely delicious food, I highly recommend it. I got this amazing lemon butter chicken with the most delicious mushrooms I've ever had and risotto. James got roasted duck with some tomato sauce thing on top.
For dessert we got creme brulee. First time I ever had it. It definitely would have been my dessert of choice, had it of been my last.
There was even a separate waitress to bring out our silverware/refill our drinks. And she kept calling me "me lady". Love that. Anyone can call me that anytime they want, for future reference.
James was such a gentleman in that I wasn't allowed to see the bill. :-) (or he just didn't want to hear he couldn't buy anything for the rest of the month!)

Then we stayed over night in the Marriot downtown. My only complaint is the room was turned down to like 68 degrees, but was hot as heck. Possibly pregnancy related? Dunno. Pillows were ridiculously comfortable. If I could have fit them in my overnight bag, we would be two Marriot hotel pillows richer.

Saturday we went to the Salt Lake Temple, which of course was bustling with huge wedding parties of couples getting married, tourists snapping picture of temple square, and even a few Mormon protesters! It was the first time we had been back there since we got married there 2 1/2 years ago- good times.

(Don't you love that we totally look photoshopped in?)

It was SUCH a pretty day outside, I could have just laid a blanket out and fallen asleep (oh how I miss the days of laying on my BELLY to read a book)! When we got home, I managed to only fall asleep on the couch. I'll take it.

Not a bad weekend, not bad at all. And the best part? There's only ONE FREAKING WEEK OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!

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